1. ADN vs. BSN vs. Bridge Program ADN to BSN

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Help, I'm a little older (27) and cannot decide if I want to do my ADN or BSN. I would eventually like to become a CRNP. Also been thinking of doing a bridge from ADN to BSN. Just not sure which to do and registration is coming up soon.


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For either program you start out with prerequisite courses before you can apply, so you have a day or two to investigate. Your first step is to look at the nursing program website links for all nearby schools and any other schools that interest you. Write down questions. Call and make appointments to see in person, the nursing program advisors, or you can talk to them by phone.

Evaluate your situation. Do you need income quickly? Then an ASN program may fit the bill. If you can arrange the finances, you may want to finish a BSN from the get go, as the BSN is the desirable degree to give you greatest employability out of the chute. If you go the BSN route, you may be able to avoid ever returning to school.

At any rate, you can start out at your nearest community college taking the general education courses required for all degrees. Every degree requires English Composition I. Get that and similar courses out of the way and you are good to go. You will never have to repeat Freshman English. Save the science courses until later, because, as you will see, there are generally time limitations on these classes, usually five years. All of this will become more clear once you have looked at the nursing school websites, spoken to nursing advisors, and attended information sessions.

For most schools, for the purpose of your first registration, you will declare your major as "prenursing" as you can not declare a nursing major until you have actually been accepted to the program, so you can get started before having all of your plans set in stone.