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  1. Ra3liana

    Virtual/Hallway patient

    Does your floor get virtual/hallway patients? ( Patients admitted into your unit from ER who have not yet had a bed and they stay on the stretcher in the hallway in your unit until a bed become available) From time to time we get virtual patients and we will have to take a hallway patient in addition to the patients we already have. These hallway patients are supposed to get the priority to be assigned to the next available bed. Today there was an incident and I just want to vent. An elderly patient had been admitted as hallway patient since two days ago but hadn't been able to get a bed due to no discharge. When there was finally one discharge today, the bed, instead of being assigned to the him, it got assigned to another ER patient who had called the unit manager and patient representative to demand a bed in our unit. I feel very bad for the hallway patient who had to remain on a stretcher in the hallway for the third day. It's totally unfair that he didn't get the bed only because he couldn't speak English to advocate for himself while the other ER patient was very vocal about his need and knew how to complain! I hate that management suck up to these patients, treating them like VIP just to keep them from complaining.
  2. Ra3liana

    Feeling like I'm not making a difference

    I heard you and I'm in the same boat... I work in an oncology/med-surg unit.. most of my patients have cancer and nothing I ever done can seem to make a difference. Some of my patients just want the nurse to spend more time to comfort them but we are always short-staffed working like a robot. I don't feel proud about being a nurse anymore.
  3. Ra3liana

    What does it take to succeed in the ICU?

    I have been an oncology/med-surg nurse for 8 years and recently got the position in ICU. I'm starting classroom orientation next month. One thing I know is that you have to be very familiar with different types of abnormal EKG rhythm. That's the first topic I will get tested on once I start my orientation. Will give you more information later on! Keep an open mind to your idea and never doubted your ability. It's never about ability, but motivation. I regretted waiting too long to make the decision to transfer.
  4. Ra3liana

    Tell me about your nurse manager

    I've been working in my unit (oncology) for nearly seven years. Got my oncology nurse certification and is hoping to stay in this specialty for as long as I could. However, lately I've became increasingly frustrated with my manager. I dreaded to go to work because of her. A lot of nurses that were more senior than me had left which pushed me up to the second most senior nurse in the unit this year. My manager still treated me like a new nurse. She graduated from Yale and had been an ICU, CTICU, PICU nurse which she likes to brag about and would constantly put me down just to show how knowledgeable she is. She would come up to me to ask question after question about my patient until I could not answer, and then she would take that opportunity to "educate me". She also likes to pick on me during social rounds when all doctors nurses and case management team are there. When we are short staffed and busy she would just walk pass by without saying a word. But when we are fully staffed and having a good day she would pretend to care, "how's your district? Do you need anything ?" ..... So fake. She also likes to roll her eyes or cut me short when I tried to speak to her. I feel very discouraged to talk to you. One time she threw away my unfinished water bottle into the garbage can right in front of me without saying a word. When I told her that the water bottle was mine she answered "I knew. I just can't standing see it there." I think it's extremely disrespectful of her to do that. Almost all of my coworkers bring some sort of water bottle or coffee cup to drink at the nursing station. She tolerated that but not mine. She has favoritism to certain nurses and would talk to them in a much nicer tone of voice and would actually allow them to finish what they have to say. Most of these nurses are outspoken white nurses with good sense of humor that make her laugh alot. I'm a shy and quiet asian nurse but I really work so hard, I don't bully others and I don't complain as much as my colleagues do. I don't know why my manager seems to dislike me. Its bothering me so much that I want to leave this unit just to avoid her. She made me feel like I'm never enough to be a good nurse. I love the nurses that I work with though and my passion is in oncology which make it hard for me to just transfer to a different unit. Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation? Or do u have similar experience that you would like to share ?