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  1. Russka

    Miracosta 2020?

    Hello anyone here starting Mira costas nursing program in 2020?
  2. Russka

    Anyone with me on the Mira Costa LVN Waitlist?

    Hello?? Are you still here? I am also on the waitlist for 2020 !! Did they give you a ticket stub or some kind of physical proof that you are on the waitlist?
  3. Russka

    ATI TEAS 6 Advice and Recommendations!

    Hello I just took the ATI teas 6 and wanted to leave you a review. It was surprisingly easy,very basic stuff nothing goes into too much depth. The reading section was easy but, the time they gave me was sparse. Math was nothing over an 8th grade level. There was no algebra or geometry. Science had some human anatomy physiology questions but, the majority was chem and physical science. English was just basic stuff nothing over high school level. Overall I got 87.8% I also took the practice test B and in my opinion the practice test B was MUCH easier then the actual test. FYI
  4. Russka

    Problem pls help

    Wow, thank you for your reply! When you put it like that it makes sense. I'm leaning towards the private school
  5. Russka

    Problem pls help

    Hello, so my problem is choosing between two schools......i can go to a for-profit college right now and be a LVN in one year it will cost 34,000. But with finacial aide it will be about 13,000. According to them. Or I can go on a waiting list at a community college. With a 6 year waitlist. Ill be 34 when I graduate Which would you choose? Details- I'm 27 divorced mom of two toddlers currently living with my parents. I've been a CNA for 8 years. I'm fed up with being one too......I dont have to pay rent if that helps. Also I currently live in cailfornia but desperately want to go back home to upstate ny. Will I be able to transfer a LVN licence to another state from a for profit college? Thanks

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