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Students who are supposed to start this fall? Covid

by Russka Russka (New) New

Hello all, I am all ready to start my nursing program this fall but with this covid thing I have no idea if its actually going to happen. Anyone in the same boat?

I emailed my school and they said "everything is still happening as normal" Yeah right I dont believe that at all, hospitals dont want any unnessesary visitors including students so I highly doubt it.

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I think the school is probably being honest with you at this point. They actually don't know what will happen in the fall and have not made a decision about what will happen in the fall. Schools are scrambling to meet the needs of current students and are working on immediate plans for Summer courses. It's too soon to know what their possibilities & restrictions will be in the fall. At this point, everything that far ahead is just conjecture and speculation. So they are leaving their traditional plans in place until they get evidence that they will need to change them.

Don't start your career by believing everyone is lying to you. Sometimes, people honestly don't know.

I am the liaison between my hospital and the schools that send students to us. We have cancelled all clinicals for the Spring semester -- but we have not yet made a decision about the Summer. Until the PPE shortage problem is solved and we are allowed to do elective procedures, I doubt we'll allow students. Do you know for sure when those 2 big factors will change? We sure don't know.