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  1. Hi everyone I have a question. What do you do if your classmates has a group me they started the second semester of nursing school and they have been cheating on every exam? I was never in the group me, but 2 other class mates were and decided to download the app due to a classmate in the group me telling them to. When the app was downloaded she basically seen they have been discussing test exams plus posting pictures from our exams and quizzes since January 31st. 

  2. Butterflllyyyy98

    Nursing instructor

    I have a question? Why is it that when I took under consideration what my instructor said about me being so quiet NOW SHE IS RUDE TO ME! I was quiet last semester, and she sent me an email belittling me telling me nursing is about communicating and if I couldn't do that then this wasn't the profession for me! Mind you we was only doing lectures no clinical and this was my first semester I didn't know anyone but everybody else instantly clicked up as one big family. Now that I'm in this semester which is the time of actually having lab time and partnering up with my peers to practice on skills I'm getting to know them (which means actually communicating with them, laughing about getting nervous before pass off etc). My instructor turns her nose up at me, talks about me to the other instructors so I can hear, have her coworkers to do my pass offs not even her and they will fail me, or make up things of how I didn't comply so I will be written up. After she will come back and try to be nice to me then turns around and pull some more bs on me! Then will lie to my face! I mean with a straight face saying "I told her to do this but she never did." in meetings with the chairman of our program! I'm just sitting there like HUH? Never snapping but being calm and talking in a calm matter defending myself against the accusations! I'm confused...... Yes, I'm different than my peers they are more loud and very talkative (VERY GHETTO). I'm more reserved but will still talk. I do not gossip with them (really that's all they do) but that's just not my thing.
  3. Butterflllyyyy98

    Explain Medical Asepsis Vs Surgical Asepsis

    Ok thank you. I’ll look it now.
  4. Can someone explain to me Medical Asepsis and Surgical Asepsis. Using examples and details of how both differ, and when would either be used.
  5. Butterflllyyyy98

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Honestly you shouldn’t have put this on here, because these people are stupid
  6. Butterflllyyyy98

    Nursing instructor bullying

    Thanks for your feedback. I truly appreciate it.
  7. Butterflllyyyy98

    Nursing instructor bullying

    Hi Everyone I need help! I’m in my second semester of nursing school and I’ve been being bullied since my last semester by my instructor. It all started last semester I would always come in class be quiet do my work and leave. Finally I met 3 people that I became close with and we started to do study groups. Well the rest of the class made friends with everyone except me and my other 3 friends. They are more reserved like myself and the rest are loud and have very compulsive behavior. They talk about having baby showers with income taxes, marrying old men for money, and going to see a man about a Horse. Which we all know what that mean, but all in all it was no judgment because that’s just things they like to talk about. So my teacher begin to single me out sending me emails saying I’m to quiet and then she started reducing my grades on test and I would email her to set up appointments and she would send me to the chairman of my program not even see me. When the chairman would speak to me she would talk to me like I was an idiot I mean I couldn’t get one word in! She would say things like it’s “Concerning to me that you can’t count”! She said that because our test was on computers and once we’re done you can put in another password and review your test and it’ll only give you the ones you missed. Mind you I had took 6 test by then and never had a problem with counting any of my missed answers or said anything when I got my grades because they was reflecting the ones I counted that I missed. I never made below an 88 on a test which is a B in our programs and majority of the time I made 94’s to 96. All of a sudden close to the end I started making 80’s and 82’s and I had an A average all the way until my teacher started shorting me my grades. When I emailed my teacher I said to her that my computer must have downloaded my test wrong because I only missed this amount of questions and could she get in touch with the testing site so I can review my test. That was the message to her I never once said that she was changing my grades or counting off more that I missed, but the way her and the chairman behavior was its like I said they we’re changing my grades. I’m from a place when someone acts guilty and you didn’t even say nothing towards them to get that impression then something must be going on. So nothing was done! I ended up going from an A average to getting an C average for that semester. Now this semester we are doing math and my teacher taught me the math I did it actually like she said she failed me! I then reached back out to the chairman and nothing was done all she said to me was I hadn’t even spoken to my teacher and I didn’t follow my chains of commands, I proceeded to tell her that last year after several test of meeting with her that I never had spoken to my teacher before seeing her. That she would always tell me to see her so I just came to her because that’s all I knew to do. Do you think she cared? No! The next day we had seminar and my teacher stood up there and gave a speech on following your chains of commands mind you I followed the chains of command last year and emailed her to set up a meeting about my test grades and she didn’t even see me she sent me to someone else. So I just went to the same person she sent me to! So after that situation with the math my chairman made me set up an appointment with my teacher I went to the meeting I asked her what was wrong with my math she said the trailing zeros I’m like what but you just said in class you didn’t count off for the trailing zeros that you just drew a line through them. Mind she never said we couldn’t leave the trailing zeros on! So I was just confused. If you’re wonder what’s trailing zeros let’s say your rounding 3.523 to the nearest tenth we’ll if you round it’ll be 3.50 because if the number is below 5 you put a zero and if the number is 5 or higher you drop the rest and increase the number. That’s actually what she taught and what’s in my book! So she said instead of putting 3.50 just put 3.5 because that 0 is a trailing zeros and I’m like what that’s freaking rounding! But I said next time I will just leave the zero off even though she never specified that in class ever! So I had another math test this week did exactly what she said including new things that we did and she failed me and wouldn’t let me see my test! I really don’t know what else to do! Then she picks with me when I get all my questions right in my clinical practices that we have in school then debriefs us and say she’s not looking for perfectionist! When I’m the only person who got it right and guess what I don’t answer fast I let questions linger for awhile just hoping someone will answer it but guess what they don’t know half of anything and my teacher just proceeds to ask the question and I just answer the question so we can proceed to something else! She treats me like pure *** and the ones that talks nonsense and talk the whole class period laugh and joke with them! Then if we’re in a big group and she’s knows I’m in the back she talks real low! Lower than she’s ever talked so I can’t hear! I need answers on what to do and should I see the Dean because I feel like they’re all friends plus my teacher mom is an instructor in another program on the same campus which I know who got her the job there as well! She’s been there longer and that’s all she talks about and say “My mom is the instructor in the LPN” program here! For my teacher we are her 2nd class she’s taught! Helpppppp I’m so stressed out and it’s hard on me because I just do my work and not bother anyone. I’m a single mother with 2 children just trying to succeed and get out of nursing school to take care of my children!
  8. Butterflllyyyy98

    Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you...

    Hi I have the Hesi Admission Assessment 4th addition is that fine? Or I need 2 or 3 edition?

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