Nursing instructor


I have a question? Why is it that when I took under consideration what my instructor said about me being so quiet NOW SHE IS RUDE TO ME! I was quiet last semester, and she sent me an email belittling me telling me nursing is about communicating and if I couldn't do that then this wasn't the profession for me! Mind you we was only doing lectures no clinical and this was my first semester I didn't know anyone but everybody else instantly clicked up as one big family.

Now that I'm in this semester which is the time of actually having lab time and partnering up with my peers to practice on skills I'm getting to know them (which means actually communicating with them, laughing about getting nervous before pass off etc). My instructor turns her nose up at me, talks about me to the other instructors so I can hear, have her coworkers to do my pass offs not even her and they will fail me, or make up things of how I didn't comply so I will be written up.

After she will come back and try to be nice to me then turns around and pull some more bs on me! Then will lie to my face! I mean with a straight face saying "I told her to do this but she never did." in meetings with the chairman of our program! I'm just sitting there like HUH? Never snapping but being calm and talking in a calm matter defending myself against the accusations! I'm confused...... Yes, I'm different than my peers they are more loud and very talkative (VERY GHETTO). I'm more reserved but will still talk. I do not gossip with them (really that's all they do) but that's just not my thing.