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  1. riquelle

    Help with my experience?

    Hi! So kind of a weird question, because obviously it’s my experience. But Im not 100% sure how to market myself. For the last two years I have worked at a home (it is a home but there are 6 clients, so would it be considered home care..?) and all clients are males, with muscular dystrophy, on ventilators and with g-tubes. I’m trying to get a travel nurse assignment and they want LTC experience and technically it is long term care but I feel like saying I work in an LTC facility is incorrect because it’s such a niche. Any advice on how to word it or what exactly I should put on my resume? I just don’t know what to call my facility/role, I don’t think it’s necessarily home care or LTC so I’d like a little help. Thanks guys!
  2. riquelle

    Lvn-RN challenge exam?

    Hi! I’m applying to the college of the desert in palm desert, ca. On the LVN-RN bridge webpage it says a challenge exam will be required. Has anyone had to do anything like that or know kind of what it entails?
  3. riquelle

    Live in lpn

    Hmm my grandma gets paid to care for my grandpa. Weird.
  4. riquelle

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    I did an LVN program in Orange County (Stanbridge, it’s expensive but not as expensive as WCU) and two girls from my cohort came from the same position you are in. One started from the beginning with us but the other was able to skip the first semester because of her credits and they both finished! So that’s always an option and then you can do a bridge program.
  5. riquelle

    How does physician oversight work

    Hi! So I’m still a while off but eventually I would like to be an NP. I live in California which is one of the more restrictive states and I’m curious how the physician oversight works? I’ve had an NP as my pcp in the past and it didn’t seem any different than having a normal doctor, was she having to run everything by one in the background? And during clinical for my LVN program the provider in the ER was an NP sometimes so I’m just curious how that all works. Thanks!
  6. riquelle

    LVN scope with ventilators?

    I did email the board for clarification, they are in discussions with the Respiratory Care Board because a lot of questions have arisen. It has been over a month and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. It seems there may have been a little bit of an uproar and they’re reconsidering?
  7. riquelle

    WGU prereqs/application

    Hello! I'm currently in LVN school but interested in applying to the prelicensure program once I'm finish, which will be in January. I want to get started on the pre requisite courses, but an enrollment counselor told me to send in an application so they can look over my college transcript (I also have a previous BA in Spanish) to see what will transfer over. Does that seem right, even though I won't be ready to completely submit a full application until at least January? I'm just wondering what other people have done, and if that's the norm. Thank you!

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