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  1. Help with my experience?

    Hi! So kind of a weird question, because obviously it’s my experience. But Im not 100% sure how to market myself. For the last two years I have worked at a home (it is a home but there are 6 clients, so would it be considered home care..?) and all cl...
  2. Live in lpn

    Hmm my grandma gets paid to care for my grandpa. Weird.
  3. LVN scope with ventilators?

    So since you’re involved, I’m asking again has a formal decision been made? Will they send another letter addressing this? Or respond to emails that have been sent multiple times? Thank you
  4. LVN scope with ventilators?

    So is the decisión final? I’ve been in communication with the BVNPT and they said they have been in meetings and trying to work some things out and may just require an additional ventilation certification. Are the meetings and discussions over?
  5. LVN scope with ventilators?

    I did email the board for clarification, they are in discussions with the Respiratory Care Board because a lot of questions have arisen. It has been over a month and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. It seems there may have been a little bit of an ...
  6. LVN scope with ventilators?

    It also specifies home health as an area that an RT would have to do all vent care. That’s why it’s so confusing, it just completely goes against what I know our scope to be. And I learned trach care and vent stuff in school, state has been to our fa...
  7. LVN scope with ventilators?

    Hi guys! So I work at a small group home, kind of like a SNF but it’s just 6 patients and they all have muscular dystrophy. So everyone is on a vent. We just got some mail from the BVNPT and Respiratory Care Board clarifying the LVN scope as opposed ...