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Hi! So kind of a weird question, because obviously it’s my experience. But Im not 100% sure how to market myself. For the last two years I have worked at a home (it is a home but there are 6 clients, so would it be considered home care..?) and all clients are males, with muscular dystrophy, on ventilators and with g-tubes. I’m trying to get a travel nurse assignment and they want LTC experience and technically it is long term care but I feel like saying I work in an LTC facility is incorrect because it’s such a niche. Any advice on how to word it or what exactly I should put on my resume? I just don’t know what to call my facility/role, I don’t think it’s necessarily home care or LTC so I’d like a little help. Thanks guys!

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It sounds like a group home setting with LTAC/subacute care needs.


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I think it would be considered home care if you had to choose one of the two.

Something I've observed is a lot of confusion regarding current terminology that most people are unaware of.

LTC, adult rehab, home care, private duty nursing and group home care (called "board and care" in my area) actual functions have overlapped in recent years.

Based on that, I would definitely emphasize your experience based on the skills you learned being responsible for nursing care of 6 people on vents, even if they aren't in an acute care hospital unit.

Hope you land that job!

Have you looked at the position descriptions provided by these group homes when they advertise on employment websites? Look until you find enough info to clarify. Another idea is to ask a nursing director at a home health agency or an instructor who teaches the course that covers home care. I would think either would be happy to help with the first descriptions that pop into their minds.

Two years at the same job looks good on a nurse's resume. Mention all the stuff you've done (they don't need to know how rarely you perform a certain task). You should list all of the duties, like "Administer medications, g-tube care, treat wound, take doctor's orders & transcribe. Monitor & document the state/ progress of patients. Patient/caregiver teaching." And if you've ever had another nurse shadow you, be sure to state that you've trained other nurses. Ventilator/trach experience is a big plus for LVN's. Employers like to see (in your resume). They like to see that you contact & communicate with doctors. If you've handled controlled substances and given IM injections, put that in there. You don't have to mention there there are only 6 patients, or their diagnosis. Don't use vague statements like "Perform other duties as assigned".