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    Looking into Direct Entry FNP Programs

    Quite a few of the nurse practitioners in the hospital that I work at came from corporate and/or administrative backgrounds. They had no patient care experience, what-so-ever. If the BON didn't think applicants w/o patient care experience would be well-rounded enough for this type of program, then they wouldn't allow it. It's 2019. There are all sorts of nurses and not everyone will have a traditional background, moving forward. Things change

    Clinical Nurse or Research Nurse?

    Thanks for your input. I've been hearing this a lot. The person that coordinates/recruits for the residency program said that I would more than likely be a good candidate for "administrative roles". I plan to go PRN in a skilled nursing facility concurrently to keep up with skills. I also plan to stay within the research role (if taken) until I'm done with FNP school. Considering that many NPs at my hospital came from 'direct entry' programs, I feel that I'd still have a nursing background. What do you think about that?

    Clinical Nurse or Research Nurse?

    Hello nurses and student nurses, I’m in my 3rd semester of nursing school (one more to go). I concurrently work for one of the largest cancer centers in the US and have a host of career planning resources at my fingertips. The hospital I work for offers 2 new grad residency programs: one for a clinical nurse track and another for research nursing. I’m currently in an administrative role that has given me a major look into/understanding of both clinic research AND nursing administration (up to the executive level). After spending so much time in clinical rotations, both sides are meshing together and starting to make perfect sense. Im wanting to take a shot at the research nurse track and work my way on to FNP. Mind you, research nurses practice very few physical skills and are mostly coordinating, assessing, and documenting heavily. I’ve been told that with my background, I’d be a good fit for this role. Do you think it would inhibit (in a major way) me in becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the next 3-5 years? What would you do if given the opportunity?