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  1. emilymorgan

    Jobs With DUI

    Hello, all. I had a DUI arrest last November and am entering my write-in plea due August 10th. I am pleading no contest and am going on probation and paying fines to the state of Florida for a DUI 1 charge. I am licensed through Florida and they reviewed my arrest and by some miracle decided not to take any action against my RN license. I attended inpatient rehab in January and then completed a 6-week outpatient program as well. I have been clean and sober for 252 days. I currently work in long-term care in Tennessee but am looking for a hospital job. Anyone know of what my chances are of finding a hospital job in the area are with a misdemeanor DUI? Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  2. emilymorgan

    No One Understands

    I'm sorry about your situation 😕 I can't imagine still living with my parents at 23. Honestly, they expect a lot out of you which is not fair as you are a professional working adult. My advice would be to move out and if you can't move on your own, get a roommate. If your parents or grandparents really do need the help, pre-arrange a day every week (or however often) to help them with whatever it is they will need. If your grandmother/parents have other children/grandchildren, enlist them to help out, too. It's not fair you're the only one doing this.
  3. emilymorgan


    I'm in the second semester of nursing school (med-surg) and I'm desperate to pass. #1: I breezed through semester 1. Everyone says semester 1 is awful and absolute hell but I managed it. I studied my ass off, but I also wasn't worried I would fail. (For Christ sakes my house burned down and I still made it to clinical the next morning.) #2: Maybe I took semester 2 for granted because of how everyone ranted about how easy it was compared to 1. #3: On my first exam this semester, I got literally the lowest score in the whole class (67); that has never happened to me in my life. It's embarrassing. #4: Exam 2, I work my ass off...get a 70. Passing at my school is a 77. I need an 86 on the next two exams to pass the semester. I'm feeling very discouraged because the only thing that would make my grade jump 20 points is divine intervention. I've tried everything; I just can't pass a test. I feel like I just can't do it considering I've given it my all and still can't pass. I feel like an absolute idiot/failure. I kick ass at clinical and I run circles around my classmates when we're studying; why can't I answer a question on a test? Why isn't anything sinking in?
  4. emilymorgan

    Valencia ASN Spring 2018

    Great! Already submitted my change of major form and registered for a CPR class. Thank you (:
  5. emilymorgan

    Valencia ASN Spring 2018

    I received my acceptance into the Spring 2018 program about two weeks ago! Anyone have a checklist as to what we need before orientation? And how do we register for classes, or will the school do that for us?
  6. emilymorgan

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    Ok so a few things I'd like to point out here: For an article titled "don't judge" she does an awful lot of judging based off very vague observations provided. We don't know this nurse, we don't know the **** she's gone through that night, and she certainly does not represent 3 million nurses in the United States. To me it sounds like the author, who clearly stated she was a nurse practitioner is trying to distance herself from nurses because she thinks the extra letter at the end of her title now makes her better. The emergency department is not a psych ward, and the nurses there are trained to keep patients alive until they receive the help they need. I'm sorry...bringing food into the ER? That's inappropriate and inconsiderate. If you're so concerned with your routine, go eat your meals in the caf. Concerned with fitness while your daughter is threatening to kill herself...but I'm not here to judge. The author didn't even go into detail about what exactly was said to make her assume the nurse hated her job. Her daughter is suicidal. She cannot have anything in her room, especially items from home. Utensils I'm sure she had with her meals. Her daughters clothes could be used to hang herself. As I see it, this nurse was trying to keep this judgemental woman's daughter alive. God forbid the mother walked away for a minute. Who knows what could have happened? And if you're so upset with the way this nurse is treating your daughter, why not have a chat with her or her supervisor? Im sure things would have cleared up then. I'm sorry but the author is the one here who lacks compassion and understanding.

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