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  1. Hello everybody! So before I start here is a little background about myself: I am a new ICU nurse but before this I was (still occasionally) a Med surg nurse for about 4 years. I also had experience in rehab nursing, and leadership (I was a supervisor and an assistant unit manager before my ICU experience). Like a lot of people I want to further my education and career. I am equally interested in both CRNA school and NP school. Not sure if it is because I am in a new environment, but the ICU setting has really sparked my interest. and I am really intrigued with anesthesia. So naturally my first choice would be CRNA school (but again, NP is something I do not mind also). I am presented with the opportunity to go to NP school (almost) essentially for free (between work tuition reimbursements, scholarships, etc) now. I can start this program this fall and again almost all of it being covered. So here are my thoughts on this: I think I will do it, by the time I finish the NP program, I will have about two years of ICU experience and will be ready for CRNA school. If I do this path, I will always have a backup if I didnt get into CRNA school, and it might even strengthen my candidacy. Would you guys do this route if you were in this situation? Thoughts on this route?