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  1. I applied and got application review letter and got one roll over point that means I will not be accepted for TADN Program in Olympic college?
  2. I call them every week, they told me they will send the letter out after November 13th. They told me everybody should get the letter by November 30th.
  3. Hi don’t worry they are making decisions around November 15th. Not lots of people applied even they extended the deadline. Hopefully we will be classmates. My score is 7 I think but they are accepting 30students. We will make it. Stay positive.
  4. I had another test in file from last year 99 and next generation I got 257
  5. Hello! sorry for late reply. I applied last week again but in three years in row they never had any seat available and I got letter in December last year. This year I talked to nursing department, they said our goal to send letters is first week of November. how many points you got in next generation accuplacer test?