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HopefulNurse411's Latest Activity

  1. HopefulNurse411

    LCCC - Cheyenne - August 2018 class!

    I got in. Some people tend to give up their spot, so I hope that happens!
  2. HopefulNurse411

    Can Somebody Explain NCLEX Process?

    From my understanding, you can only register for the NCLEX when you receive an ATI number from the Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing gives you that number when they've received your transcripts from your nursing program indicating that you passed your classes and completed your program successfully. Then you sign up for your test and schedule it through Pearson.
  3. HopefulNurse411

    LCCC - Cheyenne - August 2018 class!

    That's great! I really hope we get in. We should find out if we got accepted sometime this month and I'm beyond anxious. And I know I haven't found much information anywhere either but I've only heard good things.
  4. HopefulNurse411

    LCCC - Cheyenne - August 2018 class!

    Hello everyone! I just submitted my application for LCCC's nursing program in Cheyenne! I was wondering who else out there is applying or is in the program. Also, what were your points? My final point total was 118. I am actually very nervous about whether or not I will get accepted. I don't know how competitive this semester's applicant pool will be and I know the cutoffs vary from year to year. ANY additional information or input would mean a lot. Thank you!
  5. HopefulNurse411

    New Point System at LCCC

    Hey steffimiesha ! I live in Laramie, Wyoming and I had a few questions about the LCCC nursing program from the point of view of a student. If you could give me any information at all, it would really mean the world. I can't PM you so please email me : aladanomar@gmail.com
  6. Hey, congrats on your acceptance to MCTC! I'm hoping to apply this coming February for the Fall 2018 start. What was your composite score? Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone! I really want to get into Normandale's nursing program! It is the only one I am applying to as I was hoping to move back to the Twin Cities area and it is the only school whose requirements I'll have done by the time I apply. I am applying February 1st. My composite score is a 12.2. What are some of the lower scores that have been accepted? Do I have a good chance? I'm really nervous and I know it's competitive and that they only take about 50 out of sometimes 200 applicants. Who has gotten into the program and what were your scores? Thank you!
  8. HopefulNurse411

    NHCC Fall '17 Start

    Hey lysser , Congratulations on getting accepted to NHCC! I am new to this site. I saw that you applied with an 11.3 to Normandale. Did you get accepted at all? I am hoping to apply to Normandale next February for a Fall start with a 11.9-12.0 score. I really don't know if I will get in and I'm very nervous.