Hopeful Normandale Pre-Nursing Student! Please help!

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Hello everyone! I really want to get into Normandale's nursing program! It is the only one I am applying to as I was hoping to move back to the Twin Cities area and it is the only school whose requirements I'll have done by the time I apply. I am applying February 1st. My composite score is a 12.2. What are some of the lower scores that have been accepted? Do I have a good chance? I'm really nervous and I know it's competitive and that they only take about 50 out of sometimes 200 applicants. Who has gotten into the program and what were your scores? Thank you!

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Did you end up getting in? I'm taking prerequisites at Normandale and am taking Phys and MicroBio this semester.

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Did you make it into NCC? If so, how is the program going so far? Normandale is my preference school for the coming fall cycle.

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I didn't apply to NDCC's nursing program, I applied and got into St Kate's MSNEL program which I start next month, but I know a few people who got in at NDCC and are finishing up their first semester. They all say it's busy but going well!

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