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  1. AprilMarie

    Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    @kateokee I just looked and there are several spots for BIO 112 at more than one campus. Good luck!
  2. AprilMarie

    Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    Yay! It definitely is exciting! If I were you, I would switch the BIO class to another BIO class... the one I am in, BIO 112 Basic Anatomy and Physiology. (I think the last time I looked there were some spots available, but it's best to look. One of the instructors that teaches it says it isn't as challenging and it will prepare you for A&P I and II (BIO 210 and 211) which are heavily weighted in the criteria to enter the ADN program. We need to get the best grades possible for those and they are hard. So he suggested that I take that first and it worked out since I can't take the first actual A&P until I finish the MAT 101 which I am now enrolled in. Either way, definitely brush up on those sciences! Oh, I think the chem class is a prereq for USCUpstates RN to BSN so that one is useful. Good luck!!!
  3. AprilMarie

    Probably giving up :((

    What did you decide?
  4. AprilMarie

    Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    Yes. I'm currently retaking math and public speaking online, and I added BIO 112 (basic A&P) at the Cherokee campus and PSY 203 (human growth and development) online. What are you taking? If you don't mind me asking?
  5. AprilMarie

    Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

    Howdy neighbor! I'm in SC
  6. AprilMarie

    Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

    No, sorry I should have clarified. I have my plan already laid out and that summer (2020) is the one where I will have to take A&P II. It just works out that way because of certain prereqs that I have to take first. TEAS is for any person entering schooling for a career in the health field. They are trying to slow down attrition (people dropping out basically) and it shows that higher TEAS scores correlate with lower attrition rates. That's what I found out when I researched, but I cant find what is actually on the test, like what level math it is and such. I wouldn't really know about your question since I haven't taken A&P I yet, sorry. But you can email your instructor ans see what their opinion is! That's what I do. I just explain the situation and ask their opinion. If you don't know who your instructor is yet just email one of them and ask.
  7. AprilMarie

    Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    You're welcome! Yes I had heard that as well, and that is one of the reasons I called the SRHS human resources department. The nurse recruiter said that SRHS will definitely send you for your BSN because it soon will be a requirement. But it doesn't mean they won't hire the ADN it just means you have to be enrolled into a BSN program. Its so awesome that you live close to me! A friend! Yay! Lol. But I'm not a nurse yet, I'm not even in a program yet, just pre nursing. But I have researched and I do my homework, lol hence the call to SRHS Btw are you planning on going to SCC? I will be in the program either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021:)
  8. AprilMarie

    Spartanburg SC Nursing

    I talked to a nursing recruiter about a month ago at Spartanburg Regional, and for a fresh graduate nurse it's starting off at around 25 an hour base pay for inpatient. But you have experience so you should get more.
  9. AprilMarie

    Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    I talked with a nurse recruiter at my local hospital about a month ago. I live in the Upstate in Gaffney and I talked with someone from Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. They said that as of January 2020, all their RNs must be at least enrolled into a BSN program. So this means basically get your ADN and get a job, then your employer will most likely send you back to school to get your BSN and pay most of it. But you will still get hired as an ADN. There are several RN to BSN options online. Depending on where you are in the upstate you can attend classes if you want.
  10. AprilMarie

    Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

    I am in a very similar boat, if I can manage to pass the classes. I really want to get in 2020 fallso I don't have to do the TEAS testing which becomes mandatory in Spring of 2021. (Im not good at retaining math, so I am scared I won't get as good a grade even though I took the classes!) But I am so worried about taking A&P II in the summer with Microbio and College algebra. Summer is much shorter, and those two BIO classes are hard enough alone... I am pretty much betting that I will have to wait until Spring and just brush up on math for TEAS testing. Whats on the TEAS test anyway?
  11. AprilMarie

    Probably giving up :((

    I don't think being a nurse will be the same as being in school. I wouldnt know personally yet, but I do know some people that are nurses that have regular 9 to 5 jobs and complain of no stress at all. Dr offices, specialty clinics, and even a school nurse... if you want to combine nursing with teaching! I don't think you should give it up if you don't want to. There are SO many options out there other than hospital jobs. You can even do home health nursing. But I would suggest being a school nurse, though you might need some experience for that. Do what you want. You'll regret it if you don't. If a job stresses you out, don't waste time, quickly find another type of nursing job. That way you can start your time leading up to retiring.
  12. AprilMarie

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    Ooooo. Good luck and congrats... I would love to do that... maybe one day!
  13. AprilMarie

    Almost done with Pre-Reqs, Now Uncertain

    I am a student as well... but I have friends iin the medical field and I've done tons of research over the years I've had this dream of nursing. Not all nursing jobs will be stressful for you. Try a clinic job, nothing really traumatic happens there, dont give up what youve worked so hard for! It will be different once youve done it and are getting paid better, and once you realize not all jobs as a nurse are stressful! I have researched so much, and there are so many options out there! Good luck to you
  14. AprilMarie

    Advisor is recommending Algebra

    Hmm. I don't post much here, but I had to reply to this. I don't believe that an accredited ADN program requires no math. Unless you placed out of the math needed. My program requires MAT 110 (College Algebra) and several other prerequisites including English and Social Sciences, etc.. anyway, I am really bad at math and literally had to start at the very bottom, Developmental Math. I passed the first classes with an A and B. But the harder stuff, I just don't retain the information very well. After those comes MAT 101, then MAT 102, then I can finally take MAT 110. I am about to try to pass MAT 101 (Beginning Algebra) for the second time bc I had to drop it the first time. I really wish I had not gotten behind, but I was involved in two different DSS cases and was caring for children that were taken from their mother which was a huge challenge. They acted out majorly. Since it has calmed down and things have a permanent solution, I am retrying. That is 3 math classes I have taken, (two classes were in one semester though) and I have 3 more including this one that I am repeating. That is 6 math classes! And that is only the math! This semester I am nervous because I had to take a full course load in order for my Financial Aid to pay for what I needed. I was told to take BIO 112 (Basic A&P) because the A&P classes are heavily weighted and very challenging at my school. If I don't get a good grade on them I will not place into the program. I also am struggling to take everything I need before Spring 2021 because that is when TEAS testing becomes mandatory at my school. I don't want to have to test in math again because I know I will lose some of the information. I simply dont have enough spots to take everything I need before Spring 2021. I am hoping I can do really well and take some Summer classes... but taking BIO along with two other classes in Summer will be extremely difficult with kids out of school... I just don't know. I guess I will have to brush up on everything for the TEAS test and just suck it up and do it. My point is, no actual degree program will forego the general education unless it actually is just a diploma or certificate program. This is just my two cents, I don't know your school. What school is it?
  15. AprilMarie

    Los Angeles County applications for spring 2020

    That isn't South Carolina did you accidentally post this here?
  16. AprilMarie

    This doesn't seem right...

    Thanks for replying, Rose Queen, and I have considered those things, as I have tried to focus my research on starting salary vs average. It seems that they just use one for the same. Or, staying pay meaning a nurse who isn't a new grad just starting at the hospital with experience... Im not trying to complain, I will gladly accept that pay I just didn't think there would be that much of a difference. I mean $19 vs $24 is a whole $5 per hr difference! I guess it doesn't really matter. It's just to start out, and I know I won't get top of the line pay right out of school.