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Strong nurse advocate; would have liked to meet Florence Nightingale... I think we would get along famously!

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Deb_Aston has 33 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Peds, PICU, Peds Onc, Nursing Leadership.

I have been a RN for 30 years and have worked exclusively with the pediatric patient population; my background includes Peds/Adolescents, PICU, Peds Surgery/PACU, Peds Hem-Onc/BMT, Quality Improvement, and Nursing Supervision. I think Nursing is a wonderful profession that provides many opportunities to try out the many specialties/sub-specialties in healthcare.




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  1. Deb_Aston

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    I'm very sorry to hear that. Hope you stay well.
  2. Deb_Aston

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    Thank you @Tweety I appreciate your kind words and I definitely agree with you... self care is the only way we are physically and mentally able to do what we do to help others. I have found that my career has been able to provide me with the unique ...
  3. Deb_Aston

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    @emtpbruse I am sorry that you feel this way and have had those experiences... I can see how it can make you feel bitter about Nursing. Sometimes the best thing you can do to help yourself move forward is to release the negativity and pain from the p...
  4. Deb_Aston

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    Dark Secrets Two years ago, there were several incidents of "jumpers" from a nearby parking garage that had occurred within a short time frame, and I couldn't get past the sadness and horror as I walked past it every day on my way to work. It tou...
  5. Deb_Aston

    The Calm After the Storm

    You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying; what you can do is calm yourself, the storm will pass. (Timber Hawkeye) This has been a year of being tested on many levels… emotionally, physically, and mentally. We have all been under quarantine for severa...
  6. Deb_Aston

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you for sharing your struggles in this beautifully written article... this hits very close to home for me and I feel your pain. Having a relationship with a narcissistic bully is extremely painful. I got out from my verbally abusive marriage, a...
  7. Wow...I'm sorry that happened. Unfortunately, I have seen similar situations.
  8. If the PCTs or UAPs are not licensed providers, they should not be allowed to administer medications, or "assess" a need for BP meds (or any meds for that matter). They are not trained to make clinical decisions. If these actions are being allowed, i...
  9. Zero ToleranceMany organizations are focusing on implementing a zero-tolerance policy for bullying behavior that has historically been done at the staff nurse level. New nurses enter the workforce, eager to begin their professional journey, and then ...
  10. Deb_Aston

    I Am A Sober Nurse, But Only for Today

    Thank you for sharing your story... it takes a lot of courage to be so honest and transparent about your struggles with alcohol. Wishing you all the best in your daily fight to stay sober.
  11. Deb_Aston

    CBD Oil for Older Adults, What is Known and Unknown

    Really interesting article! I am hearing about the uses of CBD almost every day for pain management and insomnia; even for pets with anxiety. Thanks for writing about this current topic!
  12. Deb_Aston

    The Importance of Best and Worst Days

    Thank you so much!
  13. Deb_Aston

    The Importance of Best and Worst Days

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and I am glad that my article helped you this morning! :) Nursing is really hard work, and I know that it is important to always look for the silver lining, even in (especially in) those really difficult shifts...
  14. Deb_Aston

    The Importance of Best and Worst Days

    Close your eyes and think about the worst shift that you ever survived; I use the word "survive", because after such a shift, one can feel like they have been through hell and back in what seems like a never-ending 12.5 hours... who am I kidding, we ...
  15. Deb_Aston

    I have no words. I have a thousand words.

    I loved this article. It rang very true for me, especially after my father passed away in August while in hospice care. Fortunately we were able to care for him at home, but the support and care that we received from the hospice nurse was amazing. Sh...