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  1. SparklingRN

    NICU Residency job status “closed”

    A few weeks ago I applied for a NICU residency. I also applied for a few other jobs in the OB department. The job status on a couple of those applications have changed to “filled”. So obviously someone has been hired. One of them still says “considering” and that job is still posted on their careers section. However my application status of the NICU residency job now says “closed” and is no longer posted on their website for anyone to apply for. I am wondering if I could still possibly be one they are considering? For any of you who are/have been involved in hiring for these types of positions, how long does it typically take to fill a residency position? How many are generally hired for a NICU residency?
  2. Hi! For about a year an a half, I have been working on a chemical dependency unit which specializes in dual diagnosis. This is for an inpatient rehab program. This is a voluntary unit and for the most part our patients are stable but do have other psych diagnosis. At times they can get a little amped up and occasionally we have to transfer them to the acute psych department to stabilize them. I spend many shifts just passing meds/PRN’s and scheduled meds. As well as sitting an answering phones while the patients are in group therapy. Sometimes the sitting can be for a couple hours or more with the exception of sitting and charting, Walking to the Pyxis which is 5 feet behind me or answering the phone. I have an opportunity to work in the psych pod in a level 2 trauma emergency department. I am curious what it is like, I really need some more challenges and intensity. Sometimes in my current job I feel like I sit and watch paint peel when the patients are gone for an hour here and there. How many patients do those psych ED nurses have at a time? is there usually only 1 nurse working the pod? Do they cross train to work in the medical side of the ED when things are fairly slow that shift? Do you get psych patients that also have medical emergencies?
  3. SparklingRN

    20 applications no response...help

    "I am a Registered Nurse with a BSN looking to work in the Med/Surg department of your hospital" First Sentence....Boom...Bang....to the point. No quessing in what you are looking for. I think I would take out the "Objectives and highlights of Qualifications" sections. They are wordy and clicheish. Since the preschool job wasn't a medical field job, I would take out the bullet points because they are not really pertinent or applicable to Med/Surg. You want to make sure it can be reviewed in less than 20 seconds and convey very to the point information. Also, others are correct about saturation. Have you looked into any LTAC's? They are awesome experience that you can carry to many nursing jobs.
  4. SparklingRN

    Why? Why is it so hard to find a job I like?

    This is very true, the money carrot was dangled in front of me for both the on call in hospice and night shift in hospital. Neither of which were worth the physical and mental stress both put on me. Hind sight is always 20/20! But now i do know they arent for me and unless i am going to starve, have no intention of doing either again.
  5. SparklingRN

    Why? Why is it so hard to find a job I like?

    Thank you all! I do find that home health is a little boring to me, 75% of visits are vitals and then "educating" patients. To some degree, i like that but not to that extent. I really liked the skills that did in the hospital and the times when things got exciting such as patients having changes in condition and having to be ready for a code. I also miss the camaraderie with coworkers. I also feel very task oriented, just making my report sheet and checking off tasks as i go. One other aspect in home health is that i dont feel like i can truly disconnect. Even if i am not really working many hours, it seems as though the hours i do work are spread out...some daytime, some evening, some weekends. I really miss the whole "clock in, work 12 hours, clock out, done" thing. So looks like i answered the question. it looks like i need to get back in a hospital just needs to be on a dayshift.I hope i can even be considered with my short times at the other jobs.
  6. I am really struggling to find a job that fits the list i have for "requirements". So heres the deal, I am 41 years old, just graduated from nursing school May 2016. I was an LPN for 2 years before finishing the RN transition program. When I graduated, I got a hospice job. M-F fulltime with "on call" 7 days on, 7 days off....yes, it turned out to be hell. My phone rang ALL THE TIME and seems as though people only die in the middle of the night (harsh I know), but that is when I always had to leave on a call, at 2AM. 6 months went by, told mgmt I couldn't handle to on call requirements and needed to take less on call...maybe a week a month. But that request fell on deaf ears. So then I got a job at an LTAC on nightshift....awesome learning opportunity! I worked 6 months there and felt myself getting more and more tired to the point of feeling ill all the time. I thought I would acclimate to being on nights but it only got worse for me. Yes...Yes....i tried the blackout curtains, soothing music, no music, fans, eat before/eat after sleeping...nothing worked, felt like a zombie on my days off. I thought about day shift but there were no openings on days (we were fully staff...and then some) so no idea how long i would have had to wait to switch. I felt like dodo on a daily basis simply from never getting a block of sleep longer than 3 hours at a time. (no bueno) Soooooo now here I am now. Got offered a "fulltime" home health case mgr job...M-F. Trouble is, apparently the "fulltime" thing is more like they want me to be available fulltime, not that they actually have visits available. So now I am LUCKY to get 20 visits a week (paid per visit). Since there arent many patients in MY territory, I am forced to take left over visits from other territories (total scheduling nightmare, driving all over the county) to get that 17-20 visits a week. I am so not digging this set up right now. I was told its because home health "ebbs and flows" kinda like a feast or famine scenerio....ummmm that stressful. Holy Toledo! I had this figment of my imagination that when I graduated nursing school it would be rainbows and butterflies....the thing nursing dreams are made of. But in reality in the last 16 months as a new RN, I have had 3 jobs and now compiled a list of what I don't want in a job. #1 - no "on call" ....sucks the life out of me #2 - no nightshift....also sucks the life out of me #3 - no wishy-washy consistency with hours....crazy stressful Dear god, can I get another job at this time? Do i have to endure where I am at now that my resume looks like crap? Rant over...thanks for reading!