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  1. superduper

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    My worry is more that my goal in getting a job as a PCT is it to be as an entry way to when I graduate nursing school. That I would be able to work hard and be able to get offered a new grad nurse job... and it is disappointing to know what they think of nursing students/new grads (at least on the floors I have been floated on). and yes I know I can't be picky and I will be thankful for any opportunities ... I would just like to feel welcomed and supported when I am a new nurse. However recently I was floated to PCU/ICU floor and really liked the environment, nurses, and patients so I will keep an open mind and pushing it forward. Thank you everyone.
  2. Hi everyone. I am a third semester nursing student and just recently started working as a PCA/PCT in the same hospital system as my clinical site. I have noticed during my PCA orientation that the hospital that I work at isn't "nursing student friendly" or "new nurse friendly". There have been a couple of instances like.. there have been comments by PCAs and nurses about new grad nurses not knowing something, or I have noticed nursing students having a hard time being paired with a preceptor because no one wanted a nursing student. The following is rant.. I don't mention that I am in school however, during my last shift on orientation my PCA preceptor asked me if I was in school and I told her I was. She began to congratulate me on being a PCA before becoming a nurse because some nurses have no idea what they are doing. I responded that I just want to be a good nurse and appreciate the opportunity. Before the shift ended the entire floor knew I was in nursing school and when giving report to the oncoming pca she basically was telling me to not work on that floor because new nurses usually sink than swim on that floor and that there were too many cardiac drips for a new nurse to handle. Maybe it was just advice but it just felt like she was trying to intimidate me because the floor was no different than the other med-surg floors I had been training on (I am a PCA in float pool). There's more to it but rant over. Just to say, I have been a CNA for two years before getting this job. I am not scared of hard work and always try my best. I am a pretty good student I try to study as much as I can to be a bad *** nurse one day lol. I feel confident in doing my job as a PCA but feel like I would be judged if I mentioned that I was in nursing school. People/professors have told me that when you work as a pca while in nursing school the nurses are nicer and let you do more things but it doesn't seem like that's the case in that hospital. To be honest, now when I get asked I say that I am not in school : ( I just feel like there's a bad connotation about nursing students/new grads at that hospitals. I am just curious is this normal feeling on the floors and I have been oblivious to it? Maybe my particular hospital has had bad experiences with nursing students? Sorry if this was long or didn't make sense... just curious.
  3. superduper

    undocumented nursing students or graduates

    @Johan22 if you don't mind me asking what program did you attend? I am currently in the same predicament. I live in the Houston area and currently attending Lonestar. I have TPS which is fairly similar to DACA. Congrats on passing the NCLEX :)
  4. superduper

    Fall 2017:UT Health Science Center Houston

    Quick question! I am applying for Summer 2018 but still have to take Spring 2018 classes (like 2 more classes that end in May). Would it be to late to turn in a final transcript for the Summer 2018?
  5. superduper

    Spring 2018: UT Health Science Center Houston

    Hello ! I am new to all nurses and wondering if anyone can answer a question that I haven't been able to find out I am applying for the Summer 2018 at UT Health. I am in my 3rd semester of prereq taking Govt 1, Micro, Lifespan, and Nutrition. Next semester (Spring 2018) I just have to take chem, stats, and sociology. Was it too early to apply for the Summer 2018 program or do i have to apply for the Fall 2018 instead. I know on the website says you need 40 of the 60 hours before you apply (which I did, I had 47). But also I know you need to send a final transcript in, but I won't be able to send that in until after I finish my next semester and I am not to sure if that will be to late. If anyone knows please help me out !
  6. superduper

    2018 Lone Star ADN Hopefuls - Spring

    Is the thread still going? Im applying for the Kingwood Spring 2018. The application is due this week. I am nervous since the recent flooding Kingwood has been closed and I just hope it is ready when Spring arrives. I have a 7.4 out of 8. It's not bad but, it not great either.