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ruralseok ADN, BSN

School Nursing, Public Health
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ruralseok has 30 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in School Nursing, Public Health.

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  1. ruralseok

    Low Stress Specialties

    Public Health right now is very stressful. Many people do not believe that COVID-19 is real or that the government is just trying to control us.
  2. ruralseok

    contact tracing

    Are any of you doing contact tracing? I assist the local health dept. if a case is confirmed in my school. My administration wants the health department to make all decisions regarding contact tracing and quarantining. My biggest hurdle is some teachers, parents, admin. doesn't believe quarantining is necessary. I have even had some teachers bring their own children to school after being quarantined. I have to get admin. to step in and send students home. I am asked what is the point of quarantining when there are asymptomatic cases. Can you please help give me rationale for this? I know but I don't seem to be communicating it efficiently. We live in a very rural red state. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall.
  3. ruralseok

    Teachers retiring because of COVID

    We have so far 11 faculty leaving after this year. I'm counting down my time. I can retire July 22 if I can hold on. I really don't have any other choice though.
  4. ruralseok

    Parents STILL Sending Sick Kids to School

    Wait until you have teachers who doesn't believe in quarantine and send their kids any way. Then you have to get administration involved and still I feel like the bad guy.
  5. ruralseok

    Holiday Travel and Mandatory Quarantining?

    No travel restrictions in Oklahoma.
  6. ruralseok

    allergie and covid

    I should say our Elementary requires masks and district requires everyone who rides a bus to be masked.
  7. ruralseok

    Plan to Return to Face to Face Learning?

    I will be surprised if many teachers return next year. I see many in tears everyday from regular classes, virtual same time as class, and the virtual that just checks in now and then. Plus being rural, internet is not always reliable. We also have some where workbooks are sent home.
  8. ruralseok

    New School Nurse Feeling Swamped...

    Year 19 as a school nurse. Year 30 as a RN. I'm feeling overwhelmed myself especially with covid. I have prek through 12th about 900 students. I call other district nurses and ask them questions or email is easier. Join you state school nurse's association or National. It really helps to talk it out with other school nurses.
  9. ruralseok

    allergie and covid

    I am from Oklahoma. There is no mask mandate here in our state. Our health dept. is overrun with cases and it's hard to hear back from them. What do you do for students with allergy symptoms since it can also be covid symptoms, especially cough in prek.
  10. ruralseok

    Best nursing field for someone with high anxiety?

    Public Health nursing is great.