PRN work during retirement

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Has anyone done PRN work after retiring? I don't think I could do hospital work, but would consider office or Long Term Care.  I would also consider non nursing work. Might be fun.



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Hi. I am not quite retired yet, but soon. I did have a plan to do some PRN work after retirement for extra cash and because I like nursing. I am not sure how that will go yet, I am getting anxiety before I go to work often, and have 4 more months to go to get vested. I want to retire then. I have worked mostly in nursing homes.

I am not sure what I will be able to do though, because I can not have the vaccine due to allergies. I might have to only do remote work. I also thought about other things I can do, such as make videos or write for money, but will miss the interaction with patients.




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I didn't retire from nursing, but I retired from another career in my late 40's.  After taking a few years off, I went to nursing school. I've been doing per diem (PRN) ever since, with the exception of one  full-time year in a nursing home.  It's perfect for me.  I'm in a hospital, so there are always plenty of needs.  I can work zero hours, or 40+ hours a week, or take a couple of months off.  They apparently like me because they don't hold me to the letter of the contract when I take my mini-sabbaticals.  

(Allergies to the vaccine are extremely rare, but if you're one of the unlikely few, vaccine mandates always have a medical exemption.)



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On 10/7/2021 at 7:39 PM, Jodie said:

because I can not have the vaccine due to allergies.

 Oh Jodie...If you make a blatant statement like this, please identify the substance that you are have a documented allergy to.. 

If you do not want the vaccine, please do not feed into giving a fake explanation to pacify peopled. WHAT EXACTLY in the vaccine are you allergic to. 

My husband developed a rash at the injection site for a couple of days. This never happened before with injections but it does not HINDER anything he does.... This is a benign response, well worth the tradeoff of a severe case of Covid. 

I want him along with me for several decades to come....should I say "no more future injections because you had a rash ..or...let's get vaccinated to continue the life we have".


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