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  1. honey crown

    Health Technicians to RN, or BSN

    Hello All, I am planning and making research regarding My nursing career in future. I am considering the field in health technician or Medical social work. I would like to ask which is the best route to nursing? I will be doing social work for 2 years in the school of health tech and later enroll for BSN afterward or health technician for 3 years and later enroll for BSN. Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. honey crown

    The school I am to study my BSN

    I need an urgent assistant regarding my entrance into a Nursing University which requires community health officers training, NCE in Nutrition, Home Economics, physical/health education, health superintendent, RN, Physiology or Medical Laboratory Science. I have been searching online for where to study diploma in Nutrition for a year or so or any of the above listed courses. Can you pls help out with good online school. Thanks.