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  1. Nursinglife090

    GCU RN TO BSN 2 classes at a time

    I’m currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University RN to BSN program . I’m wanting to take 2 classes at a time since that’s an option for students once completing the fourth course and passing previous courses successfully. Has any other student taken 2 classes at a time?
  2. Nursinglife090

    GCU BSN Graduate to CRNA

    Hello Nurses! Im enrolled in GCU RN TO BSN Program and I haven’t come across any post of GCU graduates being accepted into CRNA School. Have any of you attended GCU and received a letter of acceptance to CRNA school? If you were accepted would you please list your stats: GPA, Work Experience, if you took any advanced courses like patho, CRNA schools you applied to, etc. I’m planning to apply this would help greatly thank you in advance!! 😊😊
  3. Nursinglife090


    Awesome I’m sure your going to do well!! Good luck!! Study mental health greatly for the HESI RN Exit. I passed my NCLEX two weeks ago as well on the first attempt use UWorld to prepare for your NCLEX that’s all you need read all rationales and understand them.
  4. Nursinglife090

    ATT Florida

    Hello! I graduated from nursing school in Florida I've been cleared by the state of Florida but, Im still waiting for my ATT. How long has it taken you to get your ATT???
  5. Nursinglife090


    Hello Nurses! Has anyone recently been submitted to FLBON? I’m wondering how’s the current processing time with COVID-19. My institution submitted our student list last week and I’ve completed everything on my end. Also, does anyone know how the dates are looking in August to sit for the NCLEX-RN?
  6. Nursinglife090


    ATI was for my LPN program I used all the practice exams with ATI that helped greatly the exit exam with ATI questions were very similar to the practice questions. We were required to take test after each course in ATI as well that helped greatly. I’m sure you’ll pass! I took HESI RN Exit a few weeks ago and the HESI RN Comprehensive review for NCLEX 5th edition helped me Score 1070 first attempt.
  7. Nursinglife090

    Capscare Academy anyone?

    Hi okay look into These two schools too the programs are similar and I have friends currently in sienna LPN to RN program it’s 6-9 months Ihttp://www.sienacollegeofhealth.net/healthcare-training-associate-degree-in-nursing I heard good things about ICHS too https://www.ichs.edu/ good luck!
  8. Nursinglife090

    Capscare Academy anyone?

    I tried the email was returned because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
  9. Nursinglife090


    Hello fellow nurses! with the current crisis my institution will be allowing students to take their HESI exit exam to exit from my RN program from home with examity. Have any of you taken your HESI with examity before? I’m just a little nervous in regards to expectations we weren’t required to take the exam to enter the program nor throughout the program so this will be my first time taking the exam. I was required to take a exit in exam in my LPN program but that was with ATI. I’m not sure of the similarities. Thanks in advance
  10. UTA Does as well I’m researching programs now myself
  11. Nursinglife090

    RN TO BSN Program Recent ADN grad

    Hello fellow nurses! I just completed my LPN TO RN program and with the covid crisis I haven’t been able to sit for my NCLEX-RN. Other than UTA are there any other schools that anyone’s familiar with that allows student that have completed their ADN program to enroll in a RN TO BSN Program provisionally without having RN license? UTA will allow me to enroll but I must have my RN license prior to beginning NUR courses. Which is totally fine I’m just wondering if any other institutions offer the same acceptance I’m looking for affordability since I’ll be paying for my program out of pocket. I went immediately back once obtaining my LPN Diploma worked as a LPN while in my LPN TO RN Bridge program. I started my RN program 3 months immediately after. I'm wanting to continue by starting my BSN program immediately. Taking breaks would lead to me getting comfortable and taking longer to get to my ultimate goal of becoming a NP. Thanks I’m advance! Appreciate positive responses
  12. Nursinglife090

    Bankruptcy While in nursing school

    It’s not student Loan debt I paid cash out of pocket
  13. Nursinglife090

    Bankruptcy While in nursing school

    I filed for bankruptcy Chapter 7 while in nursing school that I signed up to pay full tuition out of pocket. Will this be included in my bankruptcy and cancel out my remaining balance? I’m worried that this will In some way interfere with me finishing my program. Has anyone had a similar experience?? my intuition only allows students to self pay out of pocket loans and grants aren’t applicable for this intuition. I would appreciate anyone to share information if they have experienced a Similar situation. Thanks in advance! Positive responses only
  14. Nursinglife090

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    That's what I'm so worried about taking such a long time to come up with 8k+ and decreasing my chances of passing the nclex because of the amount of time to come up with the money. I'm not able to take out a loan nor do I have a co-signer it's just me literally. Thank you!!
  15. Nursinglife090

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    I'm hoping that I can find an organizations thats willing to pay off my nursing graduate balance. In return I'll sign a 2 year contract stating I'll work for the organization for 2 years. There's so many organizations here that are offering 7500 k- 15000 k bonuses in Michigan. I'm hopeful that the sign on bonus can be applied directly to my balance. Some organization here give new grads 90 days to obtain RN license. I don't qualify to take out personal loans. I owe 8500k to my school.
  16. Nursinglife090

    Select Specialty of Michigan Only please

    Any nurses currently working at select speciality in Michigan? Will you lost PROS VS CONS of facility in comparison to hospital. Also does anyone have the nurse recruiters email address? thanks!