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  1. Hey everyone, This is my first post, so I apologize if it's in the wrong section, but I was looking for some insight on UNH direct masters program. I'm an out of state student who recently graduated with a BS in healthcare management and am currently working at the corporate office of a large primary care chain in NC. I have a 2.82 GPA (low I know) but am strongly considering this program and planning on going to a local community college to complete the 4 pre recs. Can anybody offer any insight on this? Your experience wth the program? Your GPA? Maybe some tips on being a more attractive applicant? UNH seems to have a pretty high acceptance rate, but It'll probably be the only place I apply, and since my gpa isn't stellar, I'm hesitant about taking the pre recs at the risk of not getting in. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!