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  1. cccnas

    Mother baby RNC

    Has anyone taken the mother baby certification? Is it worthwhile in practice?
  2. You just have to find an open door like some hospitals may be willing to hire from within.So try to find out if your hospital will be willing to hire.
  3. I think if they expect you to take patients in a med surg floor then they should adequately train you for it. It is unreasonable to expect you to adequately function in an area that you have not practiced in. Now if it is gyn patients I can see that but not the general medsurg population
  4. cccnas

    Do mom's still use Sitz baths ?!

    We used on or second day pp patients all the time where I work. It's up to patients whether they use it or not but I always instruct offer and do it if they are ok with it. However in my prn job it's never offered I don't even think they stock them unfortunately so I think it also depends on the culture of the hospital