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  1. 11Aw

    Davenport University FNP students out there?

    Hello! I have the same question. Were you able to get in contact with anyone?
  2. Hi- I need some advice. I recently graduated from WMU with a 3.57 GPA and a science GPA of 3.0. I have worked as a CNA for many years and also aquired my EMT and CPR Certification. I was considering taking the PA route but decided to switch to nursing. I am very passionate about nursing. I have several withdrawals on my transcript and I am afraid I won't get accepted into GVSU Second Degree Nursing Program. I am very concerned about a science course that I had to repeat. I did not drop the class in time (I was a day late) so I asked the professor to allow me to take an incomplete from the course since we hadn't had any quizzes nor exams. He said he'll think about it but after several attempts to contact him he said no and I had to withdrawal. So technically it's an attempt (3 attempts total 😯) even though I was only in the class about 13 days into the semester. Has anyone attended GVSU Second Degree Nursing Program? Any recommendations for second degree nursing programs in/near Michigan? What was your GPA at the time of admission to second degree nursing program? Any advice or recommendations would be great. Thanks!

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