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  1. What to do

    Yes, I am interested in an APN degree in the near future. Most likely an FNP.
  2. Looking for career direction and advice

    I work nights in the ICU and find that I have lots of autonomy when I work. You will have to communicate with team members and physicians but most of the time the families aren't there at night and you can really focus on honing in your skills and in...
  3. What to do

    Hi Nurses, just looking for a bit of advice on a job change that could potentially effect my career. I accepted an offer for an outpatient IR position that pays pretty well for a M-F with Saturday call once a week until 1. The pay is competitive to w...
  4. IR inpatient vs Outpatient

    Hi, I have come to allnurses to submit a question that no one else can help me with besides other nurses! My question is, how does Hospital setting IR(non cath lab) nursing compare with outpatient? just a background on me. I am a newer nurse and have...