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  1. End of Monitoring

    I could have continued to fight it but after 6 years I know the BON was not going to let me walk away with nothing. The original complaint was unfounded but where I messed up during this fight was testing pos for THC. I had been on vaca for 2 weeks a...
  2. End of Monitoring

    No and I was shocked that the last 2 weeks I wasn't tested at all. Could just be random I guess. I've only had UAs and it did vary on what options I was tested for through Affinity.
  3. End of Monitoring

    I was done day of. My employer received notice same day and that was that. No idea how long it will take the BON to do their thing but in my case I never had stips or anything show on my license because it was confidential and now that I've completed...
  4. Job search after revocation or surrender

    I actually completed my program yesterday! I tested positive for TCH after a 2 week vaca. Paid for the expensive forensic eval 2x and both showed no substance abuse disorder but was told that it doesn't matter still have to do the program. Part of my...
  5. Job search after revocation or surrender

    I didn't even divert and got a 2 year monitoring program! During the mediation with the BON attorney, you would have thought I murdered someone. In fact she was going so hard the mediators had to step in and put us in break out rooms. It was the most...
  6. End of Monitoring

    My thoughts exactly! The crazy part is that you could drink a 5th of vodka after every shift and that's OK as long as you don't report to work under the influence and clearly noticeable to others. It's mind boggling to me that the BON can control wha...
  7. Job search after revocation or surrender

    I left bedside by choice and now do telephonic case management remotely. Those types of roles do not deal with handling narcotics so would be an easy transition.
  8. Job search after revocation or surrender

    If this is your first offense you will most like be given a diversion program. Usually you have stips on your license and won't be able to pass narcotics for a certain amount of time. Which for some, means finding a different specialty. I've only h...
  9. End of Monitoring

    I am in my last 30 days of a 2 year program, 18 days in fact, not that I'm counting. I wonder if they drug test through Affinity until the final day or if they give good time exceptions? LOL I doubt it, this is TPAPN after all. Also I wanted to...
  10. mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    No, absolutely you're right. I was just being honest.
  11. mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    So Texas uses affinity spectrum. There is many approved sites to choose. Just in my area I have 6 different ones within 25 miles. You will have an app on your phone to check in everyday from 4am-2pm So you will be able to plan your day around it. I...
  12. mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    I have a lot of info from my personal experience in TX. It may be different depending on location. Do not surrender your license. I went into it thinking the same but it's just been an inconvenience than everything. If you have a positive drug scr...
  13. mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    I'm not sure where you are from but I have a lot of info based off my experience. It says you can only send a PM when you have posted 15 times. Kinda odd. But anyway not sure how I can talk to you privately, it's entirely too much info to make a pos...
  14. Just wanted to leave an update.  I consulted with an attorney and  for cost efeffectiveness  it was suggested I see how mediation goes and what TBON proposed to settle. I was contacted to by BON attorney but felt like I would be doing myself injustice to speak with her  with out counsel present. However, I did speak with the mediation judge prior to the meeting and WOW!! They were so wonderful in helping me navigate this nightmare.  Although they could not give me legal advice as they are a neutral party, they did offer suggestions and spoke to BON attorney on my behalf. Very grateful for that because in mediation BON attorney was cut throat. One would have thought I was on trial for murder!! There was even a point where the judge could see my frustration and stepped in to call for a break. The attorney was not happy saying "no, I'm not done, I want to keep going, I object to a break" ect. The judge said it was noted but we were taking a break. Mind you the entire proceeding was done via zoom app. So I'm in a break out room by myself  and waiting for what seemed like forever, and the judge finally comes back in with proposed orders from BON. The 1st one was basically everything they already asked for which was as bad as a TPAPN order could be. The second was a confidential 1 year monitoring program and remediation courses on jurisprudence. The 3rd was voluntary surrender. Now we all know the board is not going to let you pass without a little bit of blood so conferred with my attorney via phone and it was suggested I take the 2nd one. Also, the mediation judge  suggested we counter with taking the 2nd if they would all but one charge of misappropriation and the charge where I supposedly said I would fail the initial drug test because I did in fact produced a negative drug screen on that day.  To my surprise the BON attorney agreed. Honestly, in my book I'll take this as a W, I'm finally done having this hang over my head after 5 years and can continue on with my career without ever having to explain this situation again. It should also be noted that the order I signed states I neither confirm or deny the allegations and the notation to my license of "formal charges filed " has been removed. Yes, a year on drug monitoring is a pain but I don't have a substance abuse problem so it should be a walk in the park. Thank you all for the support! I think I may be a lucky one to do all this without selling my soul to pay for an attorney! Btw I encourage everyone to get insurance for their nursing license. Had I had it when this started they would have handled everything for me. You can bet I have it now!!

  15. mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    No doubt! Absolutely will get an attorney just until now I felt like I could handle it.