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  1. minnesotamel

    Hourly Pay

    I actually accepted a position at Vidant (I am a New Grad with no experience). I am moving from Minnesota where nurses generally make $28-30 an hour as a new grad where I will be making $22.40 as a new grad in NC. From my understanding it is about the norm for NC, but not the norm for everywhere else in the US.
  2. minnesotamel

    New grad moving to greenville

    I have accepted a job at Vidant Medical Center in the surgical oncology unit to start on February 19th. I am wondering if I could get help with suggestions for apartments. Ones that I have liked are Waterford Place, Pointe at Wimbledon, and Treybrooke apartments. Does anyone have suggestions about other apartments or on the ones listed above? Any help would be much appreciated as I am moving from Minnesota and know nothing about the area.
  3. minnesotamel

    Vidant Medical Center Residency

    Hi I m planning on moving to North Carolina from Minnesota once I graduate with my BSN in December. I have an interview on Saturday at Vidant Medical Center. I was wondering if anyone currently working there could provide me with information about the different units or about the hospital in general. I am interviewing for SIU,MIU, and Oncology. Also if you could provide any information about apartments in the Greenville area that would be great!
  4. minnesotamel

    HELP! Soon-to-be-new-grad

    Thank you for the response! May I ask if you are currently at Duke?
  5. minnesotamel

    HELP! Soon-to-be-new-grad

    Thank you for the response! May I ask if you are currently working at Duke?
  6. minnesotamel

    HELP! Soon-to-be-new-grad

    Hi! I am graduating with a BSN from a Minnesota university and want to relocate to North Carolina. I was hoping to hear from people who have had experience in any of the hospitals in the North Carolina area (mainly looking at the Raleigh/Durham area but open to anywhere). I would really like to get into a nurse residency and was wondering how competitive it is? Pretty much any information at all I would be glad to hear!

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