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I m planning on moving to North Carolina from Minnesota once I graduate with my BSN in December. I have an interview on Saturday at Vidant Medical Center. I was wondering if anyone currently working there could provide me with information about the different units or about the hospital in general. I am interviewing for SIU,MIU, and Oncology. Also if you could provide any information about apartments in the Greenville area that would be great!


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Never worked there so I'm no help but I did live in the area for a little while, and seem to recall that some of the apartments immediately near the hospital were a little sketchy. We lived in Winterville, which is right next to Greenville near the community college. The good thing is that there's plenty of apartments to choose from, the bad thing is sussing out the better ones (some are also student only type apartments). If you end up down here, I hope you enjoy it! Greenville's a nice little city and pretty friendly. Hopefully someone who's been there more recently than me can help you out (I counted back and realized it was 7 years ago!).


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I graduated from the Community College and did my rotations at Vidant. While I never worked there, I have a lot of friends from my nursing school that do. As far as the hospital SIU is a great unit and is probably the best out of the ones you listed. If possible, stay away from MIU. It is a great unit to learn a lot of skills but my instructor used to call it the ED dumping ground and after doing my rotations on that unit, I understand why. I did get hired on the oncology unit but I moved away before I was supposed to start. I had a couple of friends that started there and they left after about a year because it was a very stressful floor.

Now as far a living if you can live in Winterville which is like 10 min away, do it. Not sure if you have kids or not but the schools are pretty good in Winterville. I would stay away from downtown apartments just because it has a lot of ECU students (unless that's what you are looking for). Some apartments by the hospital when you first get into Greenville aren't bad at all. I hope this helps and good luck!

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Hi.. So what floor did you end up choosing? I just accepted a position for their MTCU floor. Are you enjoying the hospital?