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  1. Lyka1212

    Texas Tech VBSN 2021

    Hello! I’m currently active duty and I wanted to start this thread for myself and anyone else who is currently working on their applications for SP 2021 VBSN! I’m also hoping that anyone who is currently in and an alumni of the program could hook it up with some pointers on the application as well as some insight on how the program is. I understand it’s accelerated so that must be fun! My primary location I’ll be Applying to is Austin and my secondary is San Antonio. I would go to Dallas but I don’t know anyone there if I have to stay the night. Thank you!
  2. Lyka1212

    SAC military to RN

    Hello, I'm in the Army and I am interested in the military to RN mobility program at San Antonio College. I've met some soldiers who have friends who are in this program, but it's not the same as actually meeting the person going through. Hopefully this finds some of you and you could help out a battle! So, I have done a semester of nursing at another college and I joined because I knew there were programs for medics to get an RN. I just want to know what made you a competitive candidate-Grades, TEAS score? You don't need to give me an exact, but just how was the teas test? I've taken the HESI, and if any of you are familiar and have taken that, is it similar? How's the program? How are the clinicals scheduled? Was your command willing to work with your schedule if your clinicals fell on duty days? Any extra information is much appreciated. I would have applied for the SP18 term, but I got jacked up with wanting to do every other program the Army had to offer and now that I've sat down and thought everything through, it's pretty much come down to this. All my classes are on the verge of expiration and I don't want to take additional classes and wait longer. Thank you very much!

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