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  1. gmeBSN

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Hi! Yess of course! Nice meeting you today Such a small world. Good luck to you too- I'm sure you did great!
  2. gmeBSN

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Hi everyone! I recently interviewed with the Acute Rehabilitation Unit and was not offered a job. I felt like the interview went really well but in the end they ended up choosing someone else. This is what I learned throughout the process: About the Clinical Nurse I Residency: Starts 3/23. You will be paired with a preceptor where you are scheduled to work the same time as them for 2 of the 3 shifts. Your 3rd shift is a didactic class for the first 8 weeks. In addition, each month for the first 12 months you will have a Nurse Residency Program course that goes over how to be a leader, competent nurse, etc. Timeline: I applied in late January, in the beginning of March my status changed from "Application Received" to "Routed for Further Consideration". I got a call for an interview shortly after. Interview: Panel interview with 5 people including the Nurse Manager and your possible preceptor. Basic interview questions (Tell us about yourself, What are your strengths, Where do you see yourself in 5 years, etc. - Look on Youtube for nursing interview questions and when answering, try to use examples from clinical experience and work, especially examples that relate to that specific unit). The interview lasted about 45 minutes and I received an email a few hours later that they chose a different candidate. *** But, here's the great thing. Even though I didn't get it, the Nurse Manager saw something in me that he liked and contacted his peers at UCI to see if they were still hiring. He followed up with me to let me know he gave another unit manager, who was still hiring, my portfolio. If they feel like you would be a great nurse for UCI but choose a different candidate for their unit, they may offer to refer you to other units who are hiring because they want you at UCI. I thought that was really nice and I appreciate the effort to find a placement for me in another unit.
  3. gmeBSN

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Thanks for replying, NurseSalzy! I've applied to a few Med surg positions, a Surgical Step Down unit, and an Acute Rehab unit. So far my status changed for the Medical/Surgical 5T- F/T- Days, and the Surgical Step Down Unit-FT- Nights to "Application Under Review". How about you?
  4. gmeBSN

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to start this thread for those who are applying to Clinical Nurse I positions at UC Irvine Medical Center! There's not that much info on what to expect so if you have any insight on the applications/timeline/interview process/etc. please feel free to share here I've applied to 5 Clinical Nurse I positions since January and the status for 2 of them have changed from "Application Received" to "Application Under Review". Not loving the waiting game, but I'm happy to see something change. Good luck and happy job hunting! Let's help each other out!
  5. gmeBSN

    National University Cohort 54 Spring April 2018

    AHHHHH!!! In only a few days we're finding out if we're in!!!
  6. gmeBSN

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN spring 2018

    Hi everyone! I applied on July 13th and they didn't receive my last transcript till August 3rd. I saw that some of you already got your evaluations so I called and they told me I probably won't hear back until mid-September/beginning of October but that I'm in the first wave of applications for Spring 2018. I'm so nervous! I hope we all hear back from them soon. Please share any new information if you come across anything! Good luck everyone!

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