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  1. herewego23

    BON application

    Yesterday I did an online application for the BON in order to get approved for the NCLEX. After completing the application and going over it, I hit the send button. Later I look at the summary and realize I made a couple of errors with the information. There were a couple of questions that I did not think was clear, but now I realize what it was asking. Should I call the BON? Would I have to fill out the application again? Or should I let it go? It involves a couple of questions asking about employment. I just graduated the LPN program. It honestly sounded like the question was asking about future employment, but I don't think that is the case.
  2. herewego23


    I have recently started Nursing I and need a stethoscope before clinicals. I do not know much about stethoscopes. I am deaf in one ear, but can hear pretty good out of the other. I'm looking for a stethoscope that will allow me to hear sounds clearly. Any recommendations? Also, what kind of pen light would you recommend?
  3. herewego23

    Gap year before nursing school?

    I think you will regret it if you don't take the gap year. It sounds like the gap year will set you up for success in having help pay for school, which is something a lot of students worry about. I don't think you will have to worry about gap years as long as you take your pre reqs during that year or any class at all that will relate to your future. I worked full time when I started school again, so it had taken me three years to complete all of my pre reqs plus a couple of additional classes that I thought would help me. Out of those three years, I never had a gap. I just kept going.
  4. herewego23

    Nursing clinical supplies

    Hi. I start an accelerated hybrid nursing program in about a week. We don't start clinicals for awhile, but we have test out skills beforehand. I'm having a hard time finding supplies that I will need such as hunter green scrubs, a stethoscope, and a medical pen light. Is there a good website that sells quality products of this type for a decent price? I bought a bandage scissors at Walgreens the other day. It is one thing I can cross off my list, but the scissor seems kind of big to be carrying around at clinicals, so is that normal or should I look for a different one? Thank you for the feedback! Any advice is appreciated as well.
  5. herewego23

    Buying previously used books

    I know someone who just finished the LPN program for the 2017-2018 year. They offered to sell me their books for an unbeatable price. I start the LPN program this fall. Is it a good idea to buy previous editions for nursing school? Some books match the course materials list, but a couple do not. One book changed to a different edition in just the last two weeks. What are your thoughts? I would love to save as much as possible. I've also heard a couple of other students say they rarely cracked open the books.
  6. herewego23

    Something is going on in the facility

    I am a brand new CNA, who plans to go to nursing school starting this fall. I currently have two jobs. The primary job is working full time in a LTC facility doing housekeeping (where I got my start and how I became interested in a nursing career) and the other job is a part time CNA in a different LTC facility. I started the part time CNA job less than two months ago. Its still not easy being the newbie. Recently there has been an incident at the part time job facility relating to resident abuse. Not 100% sure what kind of abuse, but I have a pretty good idea. I get a call from HR a week after the alleged incident, the HR asked if I performed cares for so and so. I said no. As far as I know the resident is independent and I've had very little interaction with said resident. Not sure if HR called anybody else, but the call was weird to me and I have felt weird about it ever since. Went to work tonight and all seemed normal. Nobody treated me differently. I guess my question is, What if they end up pointing the finger at me because I'm the newbie? It seems like its always easier to blame the newbie. Everyone else has seem to known each other for years. I know that I have done nothing wrong, but I'm scared to death of being falsely accused and losing everything I'm working toward. I've had zero problems at my primary job. Am I overreacting? I have no one else to talk to about this who would understand, so any advice is appreciated.
  7. I'm considering taking Pharmacology online this fall semester. I'm enrolled in the LPN program in the fall of 2018, so I have a year to prepare. I've already taken A&P I and A&P II online along with several other classes. I got a B+ in A&P I and a C in A&P II. I could have studied harder for both of those classes. I'm especially not happy with the C. What advice do you have to succeed in an online Pharmacology course? Since I just barely got by in A&P II, do you think I have a good chance of succeeding in Pharmacology?