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BSN, RN graduate from Western Kentucky University.

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    Nursing School S-O-S

    Hey everybody! I am in a sticky spot and need some advice. Currently, I am enrolled in my colleges BSN program and am in my 1st semester. (Technically 2nd, but we'll get there later) To give you a background about myself, I have never been the "prized" student, but I graduated High School with a 3.93 and applied to my program with a 3.5 GPA (and was still put on a waiting list...) So this past spring, I got a complete bite in the ass on what nursing school was. I was taking Patho, Health Assessment, and Fundamentals. Failed 2 of my first 3 test, and completely freaked. My nerves were shot, and negativity flowed throughout my veins. However, clinically I was rocking it. My professor even made the comment that out of her 19 years of teaching, I was in the top 5 students she had ever had! So towards the end of the semester, I changed my study group and way of studying and pulled one of my grades from a D to an A. However, in Patho I fell short failing the class by 7/10 of a point. Our policy is, you must have a 77% test average to gain the rest of your points for the class. With everything added in, I had an 83% and still failed the class. So I've spent this summer depressed that I'm having to stay back as my friends move on and really questioning my decision for choosing nursing. I understand that I finally get what works for me, but the policy is, if I fail another class, I'm out. So I could get to my 4th semester and fail by 7/10's again and get tossed, completely wasting 2 years of my life. So this led me here. What is yall's advice. I'm unsure on what to do? Should I transfer? Should I pick another major? I'm not sure. I love the clinical side of nursing. I love to help others, and I can't help but think of the positive comments I have received. However, I can't afford to lose 2 years of my life if I fail another class. Thanks!