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iheartnursing91 has 4 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. iheartnursing91


    Hello everyone, I am looking for preceptors for next year in the Phoenix, AZ area. I an ACNP student needing hospital clinical hours. Anyone on here who are NPs working in a hospital, or know anyone in the area, I would love to work with and learn from you. Please comment or send me a message!
  2. iheartnursing91

    APRN Hesi Studying

    I also didn't get any info either, but I used yourbestgrade.com. You have to pay for subscription but it was worth it, I made high scores on all the APRN HESI's! Good luck!
  3. iheartnursing91

    Phoenix metro area

    Anyone here from Phoenix metro area? Can you tell me the job prospects for ACNP vs FNP in this area? I'm currently in an FNP program and wondering if should change to ACNP. any answers are appreciated!
  4. iheartnursing91

    UTA vs TWU for FNP

    I went to TWU for my BSN and it was a very, very hard program. I'm guessing their NP Program is also intense. I've heard from the NP students I met around campus that it's hard. I'm glad I went there though. I learned so much.
  5. iheartnursing91

    ER to Neuro ICU

    I'm an ED nurse currently and to be honest ED has a very high burnout rate and high turnover. I think most ED nurses leave after a few years to other areas. The burnout is real, sometimes I can't even get out of bed on my first off day. But I learned a lot and did a lot and I'm thankful for it. I'm looking to move to a unit where I can learn new things and have different types of experience.
  6. iheartnursing91

    ER to ICU?

    hi guys I'm currently an ED nurse with 2.5 years of experience. I'm moving to another state and looking for opportunities. I've always wanted to work in ICU but ended up in ED since being a new grad and stayed there since. Since I'm moving now and have some experience, I'm looking for ICU level jobs. Now the problem is that every ICU job I apply to, I immediately get a "not qualified" status. One recruiter had called me and tried to get me an interview with an ICU manager, and she wasn't interested in interviewing me. So now my question is, is there a negative stigma about ED nurses? Why are ICU (and sometimes even med surg/tele) managers so reluctant to hire a nurse from the ED? I know we may not have the in depth knowledge that ICU nurses have, and to be honest thats why ak want to go there, to further myself and learn more. I've taken care of ICU patients who spent >24 hrs in the ED due to no available bed, and I really enjoyed the challenge. I've even had some people tell me I'd do very well in the ICU. I'm just curious why I'm having a hard time getting an interview that's not for the ED. 🙄
  7. iheartnursing91

    MSN careers

    What career options are available with an MSN in Nursing? I'm in an FNP program and considering changing my track to the general MSN program. Also, does anyone know anything about legal nurse consulting? I hear about it but I know nothing about it. Any info is appreciated, thank you!!
  8. iheartnursing91

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    Its not .... I use open domes so I think that helps me to not have to take them out.
  9. iheartnursing91

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    The Littman cardiology amplified, is that their electronic one? Your hearing sounds just like mine. I use the cardiology III currently and it's pretty good. But I'm looking for another as I'm in NP school and need to make sure I can hear subtle and soft sounds such as murmurs. Good to know there are people like us in the health care field!!🙌
  10. iheartnursing91

    APRN Hesi Studying

    Hi, can anyone inbox me with the information also? Thanks!
  11. iheartnursing91

    ER to Floor...hating it

    Thanks so much for your reply. You are absolutely correct about everything you mentioned. I miss the hustle and bustle (although it is exhausting), the codes, MVAs, traumas, starting about 40 to 50 IVs a day, lol! I feel like all I'm doing now is passing meds, documenting, meds, documenting, helping change them, then more meds and documenting. Very task oriented and routine-like. Only problem is, I love the hospital a lot, it's a great hospital to work for, I just picked the wrong unit🙄. I want to transfer to the ED (they just announced they are expaning now!) but it would be disrespectful to my current manager to leave so abruptly. Sigh.🙄
  12. iheartnursing91

    ER to Floor...hating it

    Hey everyone just hoping for some advice here. I am an ER nurse who moved across the country and I took a job on a Cardiac stepdown unit. I'm having a hard time assimilating into the floor nursing mode. I took the job on that floor because I thought I wanted to try something new and have a new experience (I am doing ER per diem to keep my skills). I'm 3 weeks into training & I've noticed that this new floor is more like a "dump" floor for other floors (med surg, tele), and also used as extra space for the ED obs patients. I've honestly hardly seen many "cardiac " patients, which is the reason I wanted to work there. These are mostly the reasons why I hate it. I'm also having a hard time thinking like a "floor" nurse vs ED nurse. I hate the constant and lengthy documentation, care coordination rounds, daily routine, and to make it worse, some of the nurses have made some catty comments about ED nurses to me. I pay no mind, but I don't like it! Lol. I really miss starting IVs and resuscitating!! I miss the "family-like" feel I had in the ED with the other nurses and doctors. I hate calling and waiting for responses when in ED they are already there face to face. The docs who come to the floors act like they are untouchable or something and it's really weird. I dont know if I should go ahead and apply to ED jobs around here or if I should stick with this and push through. I'm really confused about what to do. What would you do? Thanks!
  13. iheartnursing91

    ER to Floor

    Has anyone gone from ER to floor nursing? I recently moved to TX from NY. I worked in the ER & took a shot at floor nursing on a 60-something bed CVIMU unit. I also work ER per diem. I'm still in training on the CV unit. I decided to do this after getting burnt out in the ER after some time, and CV sounded interesting. However I feel a little out of place on the floor.... I find that I ask myself why the little things matter so much, I feel more like a med pusher vs in ER I was always on the go starting IVs and jumping in codes. I'm not sure if I should give it a year while staying per diem in ER, or if I should just try to go back to the ER full time. Has anyone here experienced this? Thank you in advance.
  14. iheartnursing91

    NY to CA

  15. iheartnursing91

    NY to CA

    Hi fellow nurses, quick question for anyone here who has made the move from NY to CA..how do you like it? Do you regret the move? How does the cost of living/salary compare? Im currently working as an ED nurse in NY, & we get on average 8 to up to 15 patients in 1 shift. I barely if ever get a break. Management is cut throat but having the union helps a little. The expenses are really high in NY & I can't stand the cold weather. I have an opportunity to move to California, so I wanted some input. Thanks!
  16. iheartnursing91

    Case Management Nursing (CM)

    Thanks for the responses. I do love working ED, but the stress level is too much. We are short staffed, often take on 8+ patients at a time, and once they get admitted it takes up to 2 days to get a bed on the floor so we have to care for them also. Some nights we have no charge or clerk. Management knows all of this, nothing has been done, and people are leaving for other hospitals. I've applied & going to have a phone call with the director tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what exactly a case manager does? All I know is bedside nursing. Thanks!