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  1. Mizzou PMHNP

    Reviews on Mizzou's online PMHNP program, both DNP and MSN. Is the psych NP field saturated? Would it be wise to go the BSN-DNP route instead of the MSN route? I am aware that there is no significant pay difference between DNP vs. MS...
  2. Preceptorship

    H! I wanted to follow up on this, since I am moving to Tampa! this month and currently in my first semester of PMHNP school. Were you able to find placement? If so where? any recommendations on facilites in tampa to work at as a psych RN or psych NP?...
  3. Psychiatric Specialty Descrimination in Florida

    Wow thats ridiculous. I've been applying to psych nurse jobs in florida, but the pay is a joke. The ratios are dangerous. I don't understand. Why is this? Im studying to become a psych NP but Im not hopeful of finding placement for clini...
  4. Body Contouring

    Can RN's do body contouring and laser treatments? specifically in Missouri and Florida. I've noticed that there is not one board of certification for body contouring and laser treatments, its not as regulated.
  5. Tampa, Fl Psych Job

    Hello, I am moving to the Tampa bay area in Florida. I am a psych and home health nurse. What are some good psych facilities that I should apply too? Facilities with good nurse to patient ratios, good bonuses. I have the intention of finding a n...
  6. NP School and Travel Nursing

    Hello! Is it manageable to go to NP school and also be a travel nurse? Any testimonies, words of advice or encouragement. I am starting psych NP school in janurary and assessing my options.
  7. DNP Project Ideas

    I need help narrowing down my project idea for a DNP project proposal and possible research methods. The program is PMHNP. I was thinking of doing an algorithm to help identify suicide risk students in college age population. I just don't know how it...
  8. creditenaling in different state

    What steps need to be taken to credential in a different state? I am studying to be a PMHNP in Missouri (restricted practice). My end goal is to practice in Arizona (full practice).
  9. creditenaling in different state

    I am referring to professional licensure.
  10. Mizzou PMHNP

    the BSN-DNP program.
  11. BSN to DNP

    like JBMmom stated above, the difference/benefit of DNP is if you are going into research or education. NP jobs will accept MSN and do not provided a monetary difference if you have a DNP. Yes, it is only a few years more of schooling if you go BSN-D...
  12. BSN or Biology

    I am currently going into my second year of nursing school. I changed my minor from psychology to chemistry to help get the necessary requirements for medical school. My vision with it is to get all the requirements to medical school and if I don't g...