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  1. Spring624

    Army Nurse

    Sign on bonuses are only available for certain specialties: ICU, OR, etc. Like everyone has mentioned, talk to a healthcare recruiter for your area. Good luck!
  2. Spring624

    Army FY 2019

    I never received a template from my recruiter; all he told me was for it to be no longer than a page. I based my statement off of the Army’s values & how I exhibit them or have experienced them in my life. good luck!
  3. Spring624

    AMEDD Direct Commission Course and BOLC - Army Stuff

    So I’m not finding much information on what to expect when I go to DCC in September... any insight would be appreciated
  4. Spring624

    Downsizing Military Medicine

    Talk is talk. My unit has new med-surg nurses coming every month I’ve been there, (& supposedly they’ll reduce their numbers first) so until it’s actually implemented & your packet looks good there’s always a possibility. Good luck to you!
  5. Spring624

    Reserve Bonus

    I guess I had thought that during BA we would be training or working on skills that may need to be utilized if/when deployed. I understand that this was the last commanders view as well but with a new command comes a new perspective & technique. The current focus since I have been in is to focus on the numbers. From what I understand my unit looks great on paper. I also thought there would be some sort of direction provided to new soldiers or officers coming in. If you don’t know what to ask or who to ask, typically you just won’t know or will find out after the fact. Our BA’s consist of a lot of time getting forms turned in or waiting in line to get files reviewed. Not much training at all...
  6. Spring624

    Downsizing Military Medicine

    The little bit I’ve heard & read is that it’ll be a force reduction of 10-15k. They will fill the spots with civilian workers. Their drive will be focused on building the ICU, OR & CRNA numbers. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there.
  7. Spring624

    Reserve Bonus

    To be honest it’s different than I expected. Not bad just different. You will get out of it what you put in. You have to be a go getter or you’ll miss the opportunities. (You have to look for them.) & there’s some really awesome people to meet. Last but not least I’ve learned they’ve got the hurry up & wait game down to a science. Lol I’m still waiting to go to DCC in September & hopefully get BOLC scheduled in November. Once those are completed then I can actually become more involved & productive