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  1. RN Relocating to Boise

    Hi there! Looking for any feedback/tips on acute care hospital jobs in the Treasure Valley area (St. Lukes, St. Alphonsus, ect). My husband and I are excited to move to the area Spring 2019 and are visiting next month. I will have 1 & 1/2 years...
  2. Orange County Hoag/Misson New Grad

    Hi there! So I worked at Mission as a PCT and now work at St. Joe's as a New grad RN (Clin Nurse I in L&D)..and have known many brand new nurses who have been hired at mission WITHOUT any nursing experience there. They typically post listings fo...
  3. New Grad RN, Orange County

    Hi there! I just graduated in May with my BSN took my NCLEX July 28th, applied to St. Joe's for a Clin Nurse I Labor and Delivery position and accepted it :) I've been working there for almost a month and love it! The whole St. Joseph's healthcare s...
  4. Rady Children's October 2017

    Nothing yet! You're not alone! :)
  5. New Grad RN Advice-NICU hopeful

    Hi there! I am a recent BSN grad who would love to long-term end up in the NICU and am hoping to get some advice in how to get there. I've interviewed for a few NICU RN residency positions so far but have been unsuccessful. Not too surprising as I...
  6. Rady Children's October 2017

    Hi everyone :) I also heard a 1-page resume is ideal. My leadership prof was a former hiring manager and said her managers will typically will only spend 10-15 seconds looking at a resume (at least that was her experience)! Anyone happen to know if ...