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  1. EmilyRN1030

    Orange County Hoag/Misson New Grad

    Hi there! So I worked at Mission as a PCT and now work at St. Joe's as a New grad RN (Clin Nurse I in L&D)..and have known many brand new nurses who have been hired at mission WITHOUT any nursing experience there. They typically post listings for "Registered Nurse I" or "New Grad- I" or something of that sort online but usually require you to actually have your RN license prior to applying. They post listing for specific units depending on the need of the unit (so you can't really predict when/and if there will be a posting), you just have to check every single day! For Hoag, in my experience, I've see a lot of PCA's from hoag transition into a New grad RN role. They've either been working at Hoag while in nursing school OR get hired as a PCA with the intention of transitioning into the role of an RN (which is maybe what the recruiter what trying to explain on the phone)..this usually means working 4-6 months or so as a PCA on your unit and then moving up the role of the RN (which really isn't a bad thing!) I'm almost 6 months out of school and more than 1/2 my class is still looking for jobs, sooooo the way I see that situation is that you could be working towards a goal during that time AND get paid while getting to know the staff/unit, with a smaller amount of responsibility/ opportunity to ease into the things a bit. (might depend of your personality too)/ and if you've already worked as a PCA (cause i've been there and it's HARD work!) totally just something to consider :) GOOOD LUCK!!!
  2. EmilyRN1030

    New Grad RN, Orange County

    Hi there! I just graduated in May with my BSN took my NCLEX July 28th, applied to St. Joe's for a Clin Nurse I Labor and Delivery position and accepted it :) I've been working there for almost a month and love it! The whole St. Joseph's healthcare system actually has a pretty developed a residency program since they merged with Providence Heath last year in 2016 and it's much more developed than I had thought! At St. Joe's, St. Jude's, and Mission you are required to have your RN license to even apply though. I believe this is true at Hoag and at UCI as well (UCI might accept an interim permit, which you can apply for when you go to apply for you license a little before graduation). The peds hospitals (CHOC, CHLA, Rady's) and I think UCLA accepted applications without a license. You also wanna start checking out what other certifications you might need (ACLS, PALS, NRP, fetal monitoring, ect.) that might put you ahead of other applications. Also, when in doubt, every hospital has a designated nurse recruiter that you can 1) call the general HR # on the website and 2) just ask to speak with he recruiter to ask clarifying questions like "do I need my license to apply" and "when does the program officially start" and "how many new grads are you expected to hire" ect. Good luck!
  3. EmilyRN1030

    Rady Children's October 2017

    Nothing yet! You're not alone! :)

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