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  1. Fresh RN

    I was an LVN for 6 years and have recently (7 months) gotten my RN. I am currently a treatment nurse at a LTC facility and love wound care, but am seriously questioning if I have made the right career choice. I’m not sure if it’s the toxicity of the ...
  2. Fresh RN

    I meant “medicine” as in the medical field. I know that nursing is health care but it is also a lot more then just that. Thank you for your comment.
  3. Wound care program

    I have recently passed the boards and am now a RN. I am wanting to get my wound care certification but am totally lost on how to go about it. I would prefer an online program. I just have a lot of questions. Any suggestions on where to start?
  4. Name change with employer

    Thanks I will.
  5. Name change with employer

    I have recently gotten married and have had my name legally changed (D.L., S.S. card and LVN nursing license in TX). I have sent all the information into my employer to have my last name changed in our EMR system but they have yet to change it. Can I...