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  1. guest1032107

    CPCC Nursing Fall 2020

    Your TEAS scores were amazing!!! My score is looking a little shabby compared to yours. Lol I’ve been trying to get in for forever. But with that score, I’m like 99% sure you have a seat. You did really well.
  2. guest1032107

    CPCC Nursing Fall 2020

    Wow that’s really good! Do you have a bachelors? I’m pretty sure you will get in with that application score based off of previous posts.
  3. guest1032107

    CPCC Nursing Fall 2020

    Hey, I have completed all of my pre-requisites as well, however I was not able to add MAT-143 for points because I made a C. My TEAS scores were 85.1 for reading, 84.4 for math 83.0 for science 70.8 for English & Lang, and 82.0 overall. Total application points are 45.15. Will keep everyone updated. If everyone else could please share in detail their application as well. Thanks!
  4. guest1032107

    CPCC ADN FALL 2019

    Starting a new thread for possible applicants of CPCC ADN Fall 2019. This will be my second application submission. I have completed all of the Pre-requisites and taking the TEAS next week. Will post an update of scores and application points then. Feel free to post your scores and application points so that we have an idea of what the "competition" is like this year. Lol
  5. guest1032107

    CPCC Nursing Spring 2018

    Oh wow! You did awesome! I'm pretty sure you are going to make it into the program with those scores!
  6. guest1032107

    CPCC Spring 2018

    I actually took the TEAS yesterday for the first time. 74.5-Reading 84.4-Math 63.8-Science 83.3-English Overall 74% The test questions were actually easier than the ones from the book in my opinion. However the timing is intense! My overall application score ended up being a 43.5 I'm hoping that we will still get in. I turned in my application yesterday (very last minute I know lol). If we don't get in this round we'll just keep trying! Have you considered applying elsewhere?
  7. guest1032107

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain these VERY HELPFUL tips in detail. I feel much more comfortable about taking this important test now. You are lovely! I will be taking the TEAS August 28, 2017. Best of luck to everyone! Sending positive vibrations to you all!