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  1. Katbug

    Vasovagal Syncope

    MunoRN: Abortifacients. I can't give shots that for therapeutic reasons cause an abortion. For example, the depo-pro shot. So yes, it does interfere with my being a practicing Catholic if I give a shot that was intended to stop fertilization and kill fertilized eggs. We believe in life at conception, so I kill a fertilized egg I end up killing a baby. Also, "history of imposing your religious beliefs on your patients"?? In what way? I'm removing myself from giving anything that would put me in the position to administer anything against my religious beliefs and in so doing how would I even be talking with patients to 'impose' my religious beliefs on them? You're kind of a butt.
  2. Katbug

    I think I might hate nursing

    As an LPN all I do is pass meds in nursing homes. I did the same exact thing as an RA in assisted living homes. A TMA does the exact same thing as me I just can do some treatments as well and get paid more. I hate it. Right now I'm battling scabies because I fainted from heat at an interview at a nursing home (my butt was the only thing to touch the ground) and ended up catching it from the carpet or the staff chair I sat in afterwards. They had JUST discovered it had affected half of their residents and some staff and were starting treatment THAT NIGHT. I'm trying to get a job elsewhere (non nursing related) but it's basically impossible at the moment until I get these scabies under control. And all because this nursing home cared more about getting workers asap then actually caring about their workers and residents and potential workers (seriously, how hard is it to give some warning or rescheduling for a job shadow?). I'm in serious debt from nursing school, have no full time job, no benefits, no health insurance, the part time job I do have I can't go back to until I'm no longer contagious and I'm running out of money on these treatments (permethrin, neem, ivermectin) as well as living expenses. I'm 25 and I've had to live quarantined in my parent's basement until further notice. All because I can get paid about five dollars more an hour to do a job I've been doing for the past four years without any need for school. My sister was making more at a grocery deli with almost no salary cap and raises about twice a year than I can as an LPN. I was even taught at my school how to do everything an RN can do (which was grueling) only to be turned away from jobs because when they give me an emergency scenario I answer like an RN instead of like an LPN, who by the way is just supposed to say, "I need to get the RN". I understand this isn't everyone's experience but as an LPN I: get yelled at by angry staff, patients and family members as I'm running around like mad trying to pass meds to 30 residents at a time (often without a TMA or CNA to help), do treatments and followups, take care of all my diabetics in a 15 minute window by myself, chart, communicate with doctors, send residents into the ER, deal with lazy staff who sit on their phones, miss all of my breaks, get nitpicked to death by other nurses and give report to staff that want to sit and talk for over an hour. And then get yelled at by the building's executive director for passing on to them issues that were reported to us by resident's family members-like everything is the Nursing Department's fault. All I wanted to do was help people and earn a living. Now I can't do either. I'm getting out of nursing with all the sanity I have left. It takes a strong I-won't-take-****-borderline-military attitude to be a nurse and I just don't have it.
  3. Katbug

    Vasovagal Syncope

    Hi, I just feel the need to vent a bit... I'm in the process of finding a new nursing job and during a job shadow/interview I ended up fainting during a colostomy bag change. I believe my triggers were the smell, the hot room and standing for a long time not moving (as I was shadowing). It was very embarrassing and I need a good job. The nurse I was following ended up actually catching me and lowering me to the ground, I think I lost consciousness but it was only for a couple seconds right before the other nurse grabbed me. Normally nothing grosses me out and I didn't feel grossed out mentally in ANY WAY at the smell of a colostomy bag change, but the moment I smelled what I did my stomach got queasy and a bit later I got very very dizzy. I am frustrated that my body decided it couldn't handle the standing, heat and smell when mentally it didn't bother me at all. It feels like I'm a failure already and this just takes the cake. I've had three jobs in the past eight months, one I had to quit because I dealt with combative mentally ill residents at a State Treatment Facility that I just couldn't take anymore, another I had to resign because I couldn't give a certain shot for religious reasons and my last one I had to quit because there was nursing home abuse going on that was not being handled appropriately (I took necessary legal action and the family is aware) and then was mocked by administration for wanting to at least separate the worker in question from the resident pending conclusion of an investigation to the point where I ended up crying, twice. Fainting has happened once before, again during an RA job shadowing where I had to stand without moving in a very hot room. I don't have any problems if I'm moving around and for two years after this first incident I was able to go into that room and not have any problems just because I was able to keep busy. Now I'm wondering if maybe this is just a sign that I shouldn't be a nurse...I think I can handle myself but then something like this happens where I literally can't trust my body. What if my hands are full, something triggers this, and now I'm the only nurse on the floor and I'm down and out? Does anyone else have this problem? Were you able to overcome it? I tried leg tightening for circulation and that might have bought me some time but ultimately if I have to leave and sit down outside the room during a colostomy bag change as my resident is laying on their bed with an open stoma...should I even be a nurse??? I don't want to hurt anybody, that's the main reason I became a nurse -to HEAL THEM. I feel so awful.
  4. Katbug

    What to expect entering LPN school?

    Hi! I graduated LPN school about eight months ago so I feel like I may be qualified to answer :) I found getting Mosby's Drug Guide extremely helpful, I got it half way in and should have gotten in much sooner. I wish I had gotten Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference though as well. If you don't get a lab results sort of a book, please get or make a reference chart (ex. acceptable ranges for BS, B/P, labs, etc.). I noticed each book I had and each facility I had clinicals at had slightly different reference ranges, but as long as you go by whatever your text book says you'll learn what to look for and won't get anything wrong on the exams. Get yourself an NCLEX PN study guide as well and study throughout your classes. I found that when I took the NCLEX I only knew about three questions, but it tests you more on your ability to solve questions and I ended up passing at the lowest number my first try...getting used to the style and format of the questions will save you because they'll test you on things you have no clue on and was never covered in any class. Finally, buy the textbooks that come with each class. It's a drag but it will save you. Without reading my Med/Surg. textbook cover to cover I wouldn't have survived. A lot of my classmates didn't survive school because they didn't have time to read the chapters. If you have to cut hours at work, do it. Some nursing programs (like mine did) only allow you to fail two classes before you are kicked out of the nursing program forever. If you can't cut hours at work then take less classes and prolong your schooling, but don't skimp on the reading as it will hurt you! Good luck, congratulations and welcome to Nursing School!!
  5. Katbug

    Just took the NCLEX PN

    Just checked my BON website and I am on there with an active LPN license and license number. Looks like I passed!!!!! (you can't have those without passing, right?) My quick results aren't up yet but within 22hours of taking my test I popped up on my State's Board of Nursing website with an active license, expiration date for my license and license number. The only thing that calmed me down was praying. I owe everything to Mother Mary and Kateri Tekakwitha! Everything!!! Five questions into the test I was sure I was going to fail, and fail hard. Literally I believe I only passed because God wanted me too as I felt like I knew nothing, but He helped me through nursing school and He helped me through this test and I have the best friends in Heaven that I could ever ask for and I am so happy!!!!!!!!! God is GOOD! And I know that He will continue to be with me throughout nursing, especially because now I'm dedicating everything I do to Mary as a nurse (as I told myself I would do)!! So happy!! (If I had failed I planned to look at it this way: at least nothing changes. I can't go forward, but I'm not going backwards. It just means I get a longer summer vacation and I don't have to go to school anymore, I can just devote time to studying instead and now that I know what the questions are like I will be so much more prepared next time. God has been with me and will continue to be with me and I don't have to worry about anything. I hope that helps anyone reading this.)
  6. Katbug

    Future plans versus the unexpected future

    The future is God's, what do you fear? He'll always look after you, even if you don't get all that you think you want. Whether you win some or lose some, He will never abandon you :)
  7. Katbug

    Just took the NCLEX PN

    I just took the NCLEX PN and the test shut off at 85 questions. I felt like I studied all the wrong material and felt as though almost every question I had to guess at. I think I knew for sure about three questions, but I know I got at least that many wrong for sure (from looking it up later), everything else was best guess. I got 1 dosage and calculation question, about 35 SATA questions, no delegation questions, a few medication questions, about 4 prioritizing questions and no ECG questions (everything I studied I didn't get tested on...). I'll find out in two days how I did, but I felt like I didn't know anything. Does anyone have any advice for what to do in that limbo world of not knowing what your results were? I've been studying and praying for this exam for so long, but I felt so useless while taking it
  8. Katbug

    What would you think if you saw this patient?

    If they are not able to swallow, are they aspirating and/or able to eat anything? I'd imagine a trip to the ER would be necessary if breathing problems developed. If a neurological check was done and there are no signs of stroke is he maybe thinking patient is having a side effect to a different medication? Perhaps a nerve problem? Curious to know if there was any kind of testing done to determine if bacteria was the cause (my mind just automatically goes to this)? Robinul can cause dry mouth so he's probably thinking of giving this medication around meal times to reduce aspiration risk for now, that would be my guess. Seems like a temporary fix to me and without further testing or information I don't think I can say anything more as I'm already speculating. It sounds (to me) like the doctor must have more information that he's working on or at least a good idea of what's going on.
  9. Katbug

    Doctor's lying about telephone order

    I really like how you bring this up, this would solve a lot of problems. The facility I work at has a policy where we are ONLY allowed to take faxed orders, we can take them initially by phone call as just on a 'for your information' basis, but in order for it to be implemented we have to have it documented on paper via fax. A certain LPN nurse has the worst ADD at my work and giving her the telephone to take an order may have been the reason for the facility only accepting faxes now.... So I believe it can go both ways with a fax; to protect everybody, doctors and nurses alike. Also, if this doctor is claiming his wife overheard the conversation enough to vouch for him ordering a medication for a patient... isn't he condemning himself to a HIPPA breach? Also I mean, like stated above, is that really the best source he can come up with as he goes about telling everyone you made the mistake and not him? Demanding a write up and being so rude about it? I'd find a different work environment before he finds something to stick to your license or damage any chance of getting hired at an actual decent place of employment. That actually happened to a friend of mine and without a lawyer she can never have certain comments about her being 'insubordinate' removed from her record (she didn't follow her DON on mistakes that would have killed a patient, and as such she got written up and had a lot of legal issues for the DON accusing her of being the one to make the mistakes instead of saving the patients from the DON's mistakes. My friend got off as she wasn't in the wrong in any way but only after trying to apply to multiple jobs and not getting hired did she find that the DON had damaged her chances of getting a different job).
  10. Katbug

    NCLEX-PN 2017, 3rd Attempt.

    I'm about to take my NCLEX PN on Monday, I've been reviewing everything and praying especially hard to Kateri and Mary for intercession for over a year and a half now for both nursing school and this dreaded NCLEX. I heard that if you go to your state's BON website within three days of taking the test you should be able to see if you are registered as an LPN (aka you passed). Has anyone done this? Does it work? I'm all over the place with my practice tests for how I'll do for passing the NCLEX. Has anyone taken a good predictor prep test that they think is accurate? I've got three days left and still don't know if I'm closer to the 53% or 93% range for chance of passing! Argh! I'm told that if I get the progressively harder questions and finish quickly I'll pass and that hitting the 205 mark is a death sentence. What did you people do right after the test in that limbo world of not knowing anything? Any thoughts? Advice? Help? Prayers!? Please???