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  1. Jqc428

    Help on Cover Letter

    Thanks for your opinion. Sorry the first one was awkward because I didnt wanna add the hospital name, if that was what was confusing, but anyway, I'm going to redo the whole thing. I think I was trying to sound as eloquent as I could but it turns out I wasnt actually getting anywhere with selling myself.
  2. Jqc428

    Help on Cover Letter

    Hi guys, I have been trying to apply to new grad positions and I had only landed one offer so far. I feel like I need help on my cover letter to make it more attractive. What do you guys suggest on how I can write better? Here it is below: Dear Nurse Recruiter, I am pleased to be writing about my interest for the New Graduate RN Residency Program at __hospital____. With the mission of ___hospital___ to improve the quality of health in the San Fernando Valley, I could not be interested more, given that this serves my community. I am seeking to transition as a new graduate nurse to a professional nurse, by growing with experience and skills to provide patient quality care. Nursing was introduced to me as a child by my mother who is also a Registered Nurse. It was not until my great grandmother was ill, that I was able to witness firsthand, the compassion and attentive care nurses provided for her and my family. From that moment, I knew this career aligned with the value I had for wanting to helping others and make a difference. It gives me great satisfaction knowing I can invest my time in continuously expanding and enriching patient lives on a daily basis. During my time as a nursing student, I found a passion for learning about various diseases and disorders, an interest in evolving technology, and a desire to transform patient expectations to the highest-level care. Along the way, I devoted myself to volunteer and be involved in the diverse communities surrounding me. Ultimately, my past experience in providing customer service in retail, allowed me to utilize the similar qualities I learned, in patient care settings. I tried my best to be proactive, offered to assist other health care staff, and dedicated myself to find ways to go above and beyond. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for the New Graduate RN Program at ____hospital____. Please feel free to contact me at any time by phone or by email. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and to experience new challenges in the future in order to reach my full potential as a registered nurse.
  3. Jqc428

    Help with Cover Letter

    Hi guys, I have been trying to apply to new grad positions and I had only landed one offer so far. I feel like I need help on my cover letter to make it more attractive. Ive been told to write the following 1. my interest and why including their mission and values 2. why i got into nursing 3. how my experiences fit my role 4. thanking the employer
  4. So after applying to about 5 hospitals, one was open for an open interview and I just got called today saying I got an offer for nights, med-surg... im stuck because this is my first offer and i believe its a 2 year commitment they are asking... the hospital is a little further from home, but i am willing for any experience at the moment... however, i have this feeling like I wish I had another opportunity or more options.. with research Ive been seeing mixed reviews about the hospital staff and facility. do you guys think a 2 year commitment after a 10-12 week new grad program a good deal?
  5. Does anyone work or know anyone that works at southern california hospital culver city? I just got a job offer and I am wondering if theres any reviews about the hospital or the new grad program there...
  6. Jqc428

    My first new grad interview help

    Hey guys, So I recently just had my first new grad interview for a med-surg position at an open interview event at the hospital. I was asked to tell him about myself, what I knew about the hospital, and why the new grad program... I only got to these questions... I answered telling him what got me into nursing, where I went to school and graduated and what I was doing during that time. I went on talking about a few facts I knew about the hospital and when it came to the why the new grad program I somehow got my nerves to me and froze... I decided to go along the lines of that it would give me the opportunity to transition from a new nurse to being more experienced and professional. I brought up what I thought they wanted to hear which was that I plan on executing developing safe care practices, and use my critical thinking and leadership to promote safe care just as they wrote they expected. But importantly I wanted to gain experience, having no medical background, but gain the confidence to carry out safe practices from learning one on one with a preceptor. After this, the man spent I felt a good 10-15 long minutes about the new grad program and the med surg floor... Afterwards he asked if I had any questions, and I was done. I can't help but feel like I said something wrong to stop the interview so early.... (this happened just yesterday, will know in a few days about my status) Any advice on what I could've said better?
  7. Jqc428

    Pediatric nursing diagnosis help

    I meant she wasn't helpful when I tried asking questions to clarify more about the patients we had. I understand it isn't her job to do those things but she definitely wasn't in the mood to guide me that day when I simply wanted to learn. Sorry if us student are annoying but you guys were once too... but..It was my first day on the unit & we only get to be there four times. I was trying to figure out how to learn without being such a bother but guess it didn't work out. I've got it all figured out thanks for responding your feedback.
  8. Hey guys! So I was wondering if anyone can help me with nursing diagnosis for my 2 month old patient who recently had a VSD closure & PFO closure. The whole day she was crying non stop at times, would always spit up, she sounded like she needed some suctioning in her oropharynx? Lungs were clear. My not so helpful nurse was saying how it may be due to the side effects of being intubated? Something inflamed? She has a hard time eating from a bottle doesn't want to bc she spits up too so she has an NG tube. She has history of VSD,ASD & CHF. Im trying to formulate a nursing diagnosis that's measurable..(needed for care plan) bc I wanted to use some altered feeding pattern, or for her having spit up or something bc I'd say ineffective airway clearance but Spo2 is 100% & lungs are clear. Any help?