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  1. Can you switch units while under contract?

    Hi, so I’ve just applied to the ICU unit in the hospital nearest me and got an interview. It comes with a sign-on bonus but I’ve never worked in the ICU before. I’m excited to gain experience in critical care but I’m worried that I’ll end up hating t...
  2. Commencement for post-grad cert?

    I feel silly for even asking, but I was wondering if graduates typically walk at commencement if they are completing a post-grad certificate and not a degree program? I finished my MSN a few years ago and did not walk at commencement then, but now I'...
  3. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Congratulations you guys! It still says "this page is not enabled for current user" for me, but that's okay. I'm happy for you guys ?
  4. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    nevermind I was finally able to get into salesforce on my phone using your trick, but they have barely any information on me. All they have is 4 documents that I submitted with my application and my email. nothing else. Where did you see the decision...
  5. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    oh no, I'm so sorry ? Does Birmingham do a waitlist? like what if people decline their acceptance, do you still have a chance? I'll just have to wait for the letter in the mail to find out, that trick doesn't work for me
  6. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I know I should know this already but UAB doesn’t help you find preceptors do they? I’m just wondering
  7. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I'm just wondering why it would give us the option to "view your decision" if they don't actually tell you what the decision is lol.
  8. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Does yours say the same thing when you click on "view your decision"?
  9. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    That is all it says when I click on "view your decision". It just says that decisions have been made and they will send a letter by mail.. I'm a little worried that means I have not been accepted, but we will see.
  10. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Decisions have been made! Let me know if yall's says anything else ? Good luck to everyone!
  11. CCNE Accreditation

    Hey everyone! I found a school I am super interested in but I'm confused about the accreditation status for their post-graduate certificate program. The school's website clearly states that the regular master's AND the post-graduate certificate prog...
  12. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Just kidding, I do have a Banner ID, I just didn't see it before. Mine also has "Pending GPA" on it.
  13. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Yeah I do not have a Banner ID still so I’m guessing I did not get in and those of you with the Banner ID did ??‍♀️.
  14. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Same. I've been accepted into Chamberlain's FNP.
  15. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I tried this too and I got the same message. I also have been accepted into another program that ironically starts May 6th too, but I would still prefer UAB. But I agree that we should know if we're accepted before May. I'm thinking late April.