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  1. bean514

    My journey to becomming an Aesthetic Nurse

    Certified Medical Assistant I believe. In PA it looks like a lot of place don't just hire RNs to do injectables. I am currently working on my NP and would like to focus in aesthetics. I am currently finding it difficult to find a job in aesthetics also
  2. bean514

    Dream job with strings attached

    Can you go part-time at your current job and balance both of them until you see how this pans out? Also, have you applied to other positions in your area in the same field? I was interviewing for what I thought was my dream job- advertised as full-time and an injector position, in the interview told me it was part-time no benefits and to be in the OR and post-care follow-up in office and then proceeded to call me back after the first interview, then they called me after the first interview and said it would actually be a full time position with injections and OR, so I went for the 2nd interview and then all of the sudden it was back to part-time and how less then 25hrs a week and back to being only OR because another nurse there decided she wanted more hours. Needless to say I walked away from that because I need an income and didn't want to work for an employer who kept changing the job expectations.
  3. bean514

    Transitioning Back to the hospital

    As a new grad I was hired directly into a Surgical Trauma ICU and I loved it there, at the beginning. After I hit the one year mark I slowly started to dread going into work because I worried how unsafe my assignment would be, if I would be tripled, would the "bullies" be working the same shift, would they give me a CT assignment that I was not fully trained on. I decided it was time to leave because I felt unsafe in my working conditions and unhappy because of the petty daily drama. Instead of looking for a new ICU, I decided to look into the world of outpatient nursing because I was starting my AGNP program in primary care and I wanted to get a taste of what it was like. Shortly after starting I realized I missed trauma, working 3 days, caring for patients directly and more inpatient care aspects BUT I love the system I worked. Since I wanted to stay in the same health system, I needed to wait 1yr to apply for a transfer. So here I am 1 year 4months out of the ICU and I have applied for several jobs and have heard nothing. A few were ED, which I do not have experience for but the other was a Surgical Trauma ICU. I am getting frustrated not even being offered an interview. The only things that I can think of that is preventing offers is I have been out of the ICU for a little over a year and I graduate from my masters program in 2yrs. I really want to get back into inpatient but I don't want to leave the system 1) because I love the opportunities they offer 2) they have great RN benefits 3) I will have to pay back a significant amount of money I borrowed for school. Any thoughts, words of wisdom, or words of encouragement?