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Transitioning Back to the hospital

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As a new grad I was hired directly into a Surgical Trauma ICU and I loved it there, at the beginning. After I hit the one year mark I slowly started to dread going into work because I worried how unsafe my assignment would be, if I would be tripled, would the "bullies" be working the same shift, would they give me a CT assignment that I was not fully trained on. I decided it was time to leave because I felt unsafe in my working conditions and unhappy because of the petty daily drama. Instead of looking for a new ICU, I decided to look into the world of outpatient nursing because I was starting my AGNP program in primary care and I wanted to get a taste of what it was like. Shortly after starting I realized I missed trauma, working 3 days, caring for patients directly and more inpatient care aspects BUT I love the system I worked. Since I wanted to stay in the same health system, I needed to wait 1yr to apply for a transfer. So here I am 1 year 4months out of the ICU and I have applied for several jobs and have heard nothing. A few were ED, which I do not have experience for but the other was a Surgical Trauma ICU. I am getting frustrated not even being offered an interview. The only things that I can think of that is preventing offers is I have been out of the ICU for a little over a year and I graduate from my masters program in 2yrs.

I really want to get back into inpatient but I don't want to leave the system 1) because I love the opportunities they offer 2) they have great RN benefits 3) I will have to pay back a significant amount of money I borrowed for school.

Any thoughts, words of wisdom, or words of encouragement?

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