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    Hi all. Thanks for the wealth of information here. I have been stalking this page for a year and have decided I am taking the plunge and becoming a school health RN. I have accepted a job in Maryland, within my county. I start orientation August 5 and school resumes after Labor Day. A little about myself... I’ve been a nurse for 12 years and I’ve only worked in a level 3 NICU. I’m really nervous about this change due to my limited scope of experience. Hence my stalking the page for advice, scenarios and tools of the trade. I have asked friends who specialize in Respiratory therapy and diabetes education to be a resource to me during this transition and they are behind my 100%. I’ve looked at Maryland’s resource page and begun compiling a list of websites and documents to utilize also. I asked my director what resources are available and she said that I should wait to see if my assigned school has anything (I’m guessing something the previous nurse left behind). I’m considering buying one book/ membership to assist me in beginning this journey and wonder which one you would recommend to newbies. Also do you get funds for supplies (ice packs, band aide, etc.) or does that come out of pocket? What are my must have tools and resources that will help me succeed? thanks for the help everyone!