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  1. Nursing with awkward introverted personality

    I agree! I would never think to kiss a patient on the forehead but I have seen nurses do that in the hospital mostly to elderly ladies when they discharge or when they say goodbye at shift change!! I was shocked when I first saw it because I don't ev...
  2. Nursing with awkward introverted personality

    Anyone else have an awkward personality and work as a nurse? I'm not that awkward but a little bit and I find it hard sometimes to make the small chit chat with patients that really helps to build rapport. I am very kind and gracious but sometimes I ...
  3. Lpn told me she works ICU??

    I'm totally not doubting LPNs' abilities or intelligence I just thought that the ICU would not be a setting they would get hired to work in. I also thought they could not do initial assessments or assessments period, teaching, care plans, and other t...
  4. Lpn told me she works ICU??

    I'm feel very ignorant that I assumed that it wasn't possible. That's very interesting to me. I'm still not clear on what LPNs learn and don't learn and what the differences are beteeen an RN and an LPN. Thanks for your responses.
  5. Lpn told me she works ICU??

    I had a terrifying conversation but I am not sure if maybe I just do not understand what LPNs can do as I don't know many and haven't worked with them much. I met an LPN at a new job I started and she was saying how much she missed working in the IC...
  6. I had a patient I had taken care of for a few nights. He was progressively getting weaker each shift. He was newly diagnosed with cancer after coming in for something else. But it was in his lungs, brain, hip bone and a few other places. Anyway, each...
  7. Thanks for your response! I am thinking of taking the day job!
  8. And for the record I'm truly disappointed in myself. I wouldn't have taken a job that I didn't think I could do if I anticipated feeling so badly like I do now. I'm a hard worker and I have dealt with so much and worked so hard to get where I am and ...
  9. Hi everyone! I have been a nurse for five years! I had a daughter who was ten months old when I started nursing school, worked part time through it and graduated top of my class. Got my BsN online while she was 3. So I feel like I can handle a lot!! ...