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  1. OR RN87

    What computer system do you use in the OR?

    Epic Optime!
  2. I am not a new grad, but new to the OR. My facility taught me how to circulate and scrub. The first couple weeks of orientation are learning such skills. Also, orientation at my facility is 9 months. Every couple of weeks we will have classes for circulating. We learn how to scrub and circulate in each service. It has been a great experience, and I still am going through orientation!
  3. OR RN87

    Med-Surg to Circulating Nurse?

    Hi! I have almost three years of med-surg experience, and I recently went from med-surg to the OR. At my facility, which is a large, level one trauma hospital, nurses both scrub and circulate. Orientation is 9 months, so I am still in orientation. I personally emailed the OR manager and asked if I could shadow to see if it would be something that I would like. I highly recommend doing that because it was nothing like I got in nursing school. As for pros and cons, it depends on the person. I see only pros. I love the OR!!! I love the schedule, love the people, my manager and educators are amazing! Only con for me is that I didn't start earlier in my career. So, if you are interested and there are spots open, find out who the manager is. See if you can observe a day in the OR. For me, I observed and that same day, I applied for the job. Good luck to you!!
  4. OR RN87

    How to get into the OR?

    I recently just moved from med/sure floor nursing to the OR. At my facility, they do hire new grads. The OR is so different from any type of nursing I have done, so orientation is 7-9 months long (nurses also scrub and circulate). As for being hired, I emailed the manager from the OR and asked for a observation day. I applied for the job right away and thankfully was hired! I recommend OR nursing! I actually look forward to work 😊 But I would shadow at least one day to make sure it is for you!