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  1. nursey2017

    CSULB NP Program Fall 2020

    Same, I received that email as well! My stats aren't that great either. I applied for the ACNP. Undergrad had about a 3.2 GPA. I have about 2 years experience in SICU/Trauma ICU. Have my CCRN, NIHSS Stroke cert, and Public health cert. Hoping all these things will save me
  2. nursey2017

    CSULB NP Program Fall 2020

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to start a thread for anyone who applied for CSULB for Fall 2020. What specialty did you all apply to, your experience, and stats? Any previous applicants that can shed some light on why they might have gotten accepted/didn't get accepted? Spoke to the graduate admissions coordinator who mentioned that they will be contacting selected applicants in late February to early March for interviews and writing assessment and decisions will be made in April. Good luck to you all!

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