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  1. Clinical

    Ok thanks. I'm just wondering because I failed clinical once and I'm retaking it, so I was just curious if you guys knew anyone who did and how to avoid failing again. Thanks!
  2. Clinical

    this may be a dumb question but have you guys known anyone that failed clinical twice? Has it happened before
  3. Failed Clinical

    Ok I am not bashing on my instructor or blaming on my failure. I just need some advice on how to do better in clinical. I don't know if going to a nursing home and volunteer and talking to residents will help. P.S. tip again not bashing on my failur...
  4. clinical

    I am in nursing school and I have no cna experience and I am in clinicals for med surg. I get nervous when I am taking care of patients, and I am slow at reaction and thinking. Is there any advice anyone can give me. I am trying to go to open lab and...
  5. Employment

    Ok if hunter accepts non degree students then why on the website it said to be considered a transfer student one must have already a degree previously
  6. Hi my name is Jason Zhao and I want to ask for those transfer students who attended hunter college for nursing did you guys had to previously complete a bachelors degree to be considered a transfer student
  7. Employment

    Does Hunter College accept transfer students that has not completed a bachelors degree previously
  8. Nursing schools in New york

    Can anyone give me a list of good nursing BSN programs in New York that will accept nursing course credits from another university like SIUE thanks and also accept transfer students who have not completed a bachelors degree
  9. transferring

    Hi my name is Jason Zhao and I am currently attending a university called SIUE but I want transfer to Hunter College, but my question is will I be able to transfer without completing a bachelors degree, just only with 2 years at SIUE
  10. Nursing School

    The courses I am transferring for nursing classes arw development of human lifespan, pathophysiology, fundamentals of nursing and professional role of a nurse
  11. Nursing School

    Well I am currently attending a nursing program at SIUE but my parents live in New York and they want me to transfer because they think attending a nursing program in New York will give me a better chance at finding a job than a college at Illinois
  12. Employment

    What about if you both schools are accredited but one school happens to be a higher rank than the other
  13. Employment

    Ok I have a questions does most hospitals care what kind of school you go to despite the fact that most school offer the same degree like BSN in nursing
  14. transferring

    I am currently just starting the nursing program in my sophomore year at SIUE. I know for a fact that I can't transfer now because of the fact that Malloys acceptance to nursing program for this year has been closed but has anyone transferred to the ...
  15. Nursing School

    Is it hard to transferring nursing schools during your junior year?